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    Buy Valium Dubai

    Buy Zolpidem Cr Online / Buy Phentermine 37.5 White Blue Specks / Why You Should Spend More On Books, Food and Travel

    When I created my second my blog it had to be entirely related to my love for books, food and travel. It is at times difficult for the people around me to understand why I am so obsessed with these three things. For me, it doesn’t matter how small the house is or what cloth brands I wear but it really matters that I get to indulge myself in good books, delicious meals and memorable experiences.


    Why spend more on books?

    Books are the materials that stay with you forever. Unlike, clothes, accessories or gadgets, books never lose their value. Each time you read your favourite book you feel that same kind of excitement that you felt the first time you were reading it. But other materialistic things don’t give you the same happiness as they get old. Books also teach you a lot of things. If it is an educational book then it helps you to get expertise in your professional field. If it is a self-help book you learn various stuff that will be healthy for spending your life. Novels and biographies, lets you live difference lives at the same time. Hence, spending money on books is always a healthy investment.

    Why spend more on food?

    Food is the main source to nourish your body. It is with food that you gain the energy to productively fulfil your goals. Even if it is a junk food that you are spending at, it will still do you good by satisfying your taste buds. Good and delicious food just doesn’t satisfy your hunger and nourishes your body but also gives you a sense of security because hunger is one of your basic needs. You don’t necessarily have to spend lots of money on expensive restaurants because with an experience I have learnt that even the cheap restaurants in my town have some of the most delicious dishes.

    Why spend more on travelling?

    Travelling is one way of gaining the most amount of experience from your life. You might learn a lot by staying in one place and gain expertise in that work. But if you are always on the go you will feel that it teaches you a lot more than what you learnt by remaining in one place. Going to different places makes you encounter people from different backgrounds and that is what makes all the difference. Also, at times lack of comfort while travelling teaches you how to go with the flow. When people hear the word ‘travel’ all they think is moving from one place to another. But actually, travelling can even be just exploring your own city. Travelling can even be visiting different orphanages or old-age homes every week and spending quality time with them. Travelling can be visiting your childhood friends and catching up with them. The point of travelling is not to spend tonnes of money on aeroplane tickets but rather to be always on the go, away from the luxuries of your home.

    So make it a point to not crave for materialistic objects that will only satisfy you for the time being and then make you want a better one after a while. Instead, spend on things that will provide you with experience as well as good health. They will give you a long-term happiness.

    Buy Valium Dubai

    Aisha Idris, a psychologist who loves inspiring people through her written words. She takes interest in learning the psych of kids. Trying out new dishes that involve pasta, travelling around like a nomad, making sweet savouries and drinking coffee is her ultimate hobby.

    Latest posts by Aisha Idris

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