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As the end of the year approaches, it is important to reflect on the year that has passed. Many times, we go day by day, so stuck in our own worldly problems, without realizing that what we already have, is more than what others around the world have. It’s important to constantly remind yourself of the bounties you are blessed with, and never lose sight of what is important.

So I’ve put together a short list of things I’m grateful for, and I’m sure many of you are as well. This is just a reminder to always say Alhumdullilah & Subhanallah for all that we are blessed with!


Life: The whole reason of our existence. It’s so easy to forget that the life we have, and we live, is the biggest blessing we have. Without this existence, we would be nothing

Health: We’ve all heard people say that ‘health is wealth’. That is so true! While we are young and healthy, is the best time to be thankful for our blessings. Likewise, it is also the best time to do things that in old age, would be hard to do. i.e performing Hajj, helping out in the community, etc.

Family: Where would we be without them? Most importantly, your immediate family; mom, dad, siblings, these are the people, at the end of the day, no matter what-will always be by your side. It should never be taken for granted, as there are so many people out there who live with one parent, or have lost a parent or sibling at a young age.

The guidance of Quran:Quran is the criterion. It helps us decide between right and wrong, it guides us through life, like a compass directing us to the only path leading to salvation in this life and the hereafter.


Living in a war free zone: Alhumdullilah x million. Given the current situation around the world, especially in Syria (#prayforsyria), it is a blessing to be living in the west, or any area where you are not directly affected by wars. This should give us who live in peace, more of an incentive to help those who are in these situations, because we are able and fortunate enough to enjoy a blessing they may not have.

Education: My favorite of them all. Education is a right, but for so many people around the world it is a privilege. Education can truly change the world, and we should be so so so thankful that we live so comfortably, where we do not have to worry about going to school and getting hurt for doing so. Keeping this in mind, it should be our duty to provide education to those even within our own countries, who live in areas with not the best education systems. Furthermore, sending money, building schools, and educating the youth of third world countries is something we should take part in, as a way to remind us of how blessed we truly are.

Future: Having something to look forward to, is something to be grateful for as well. So many children around the world, are waiting for food and water, and basic survival necessities. Living in a world where our basic needs are met so easily, and where our worries are about tomorrow, our future and goals, that is something to be so grateful for.

Friends “A true friend is one who upon seeing a fault gives you advice and who defends you in your absence” Imam Ali (AS) a good friend is a blessing. Surrounding ourselves with people we care about, who care for us, and provide good company, is a great atmosphere to be in. Friends, like family, are a support system that we should cherish.



And that wraps up a quick short list of things we should say Alhumdullilah for, on a daily basis!

Wishing everyone a very happy (early) new year! May this year bring you happiness, and nothing but the best!


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  • Irum Irshad

    So beautifully written…

  • Sprinkle of Surprise

    Thank you Irum! <3

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