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I’ve had enough
With too much of stress
The choice was tough
But I needed to progress


Music was the only solution
To manage my moods
It did clear my confusion
And changed my attitudes


It brought back emotions, feelings and vibes
As what I’m going through it perfectly describes
It helped me to focus and eased my pain
The songs, the melody- so soothing, i can’t explain


It was not long
Until it made me realize
That music in a song
Is a master of disguise


It took me to fantasy
Away from the real world
And when I came back to reality
I figured I was hurled


It influenced my behaviour
And intoxicated my soul
There was then no savior
As I had lost my self control


It did consume much of my time
Precipitously, it felt like a crime
I felt I was responding to the lyrics
When action after action I started to mimic


It distracted me from my priorities
Diverting attention even from authorities
I found it to be a non productive leisure
Which only caused a temperory pleasure


Music manifested many harmful effects
So much more than just a vex
Creating imbalance in human faculties
So wouldn’t there be any casualties?


So when you already know
That music is unlawful
Why do you listen so
Ugh! Ain’t it awful?


No blessings but rise to hypocrisy
No conviction needed by any democracy
So abstain from false, vain words
Rather listen to the sounds of the birds


Would you like molten lead
Be poured into your ears
So before you get into your deathbed
Ponder and shed those sincere tears


 Oh you who believe
Do not lose hope or grieve
Open up the Most Inspiring, Holy Book
You will feel contended the more you look


Listen to the Beautiful Words of your Lord
And keep reciting as you will gain more reward
You will find absolute peace and tranquility
As there is nothing better than it- I guarantee


The Qur’an gives you solutions
To all your problems and confusions
So whenever you feel upset
The amazing verses- do not forget


A healing and a mercy
To those who believe
In it, there is no controversy
Except those who deceive


I know it’s tough
But you need to understand
Enough is enough
Music is totally banned


Don’t try to get convinced
By the ‘so- called scholars’
You need to get your ego minced
And not fall for the dollars


So throw away all your musical stuff
Leaving aside only songs with the ‘duff’
Do it now before it’s too late
Your status with God will only elevate


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  • Khabi Masti

    Thank you for your input. I do not believe that all music is haram.
    Iran has allowed and reopened their Tehran Symphony Orchestra with men and hijabi women
    playing all kinds of instruments for classic music.
    Music is there for your stress and reduction in blood pressure so medically its positive thing to listen to the music.

  • Sadia baig

    How beautifully you described about prohibition of music . May ALLAH swt protect us from this devilish source amen.

    • Sabrina Azhar

      Jazakallah khair sis! means alot..

  • Anisa Hussein

    i feel like music have taken over my life and i know it does. whenever i listen to music i feel like my iman is at the lowest and my prayers are mess. even though i know music is the problem its hard to stop it. i delete it and put it back again, i have been doing this for the past year and i cant help it. being a student, listening to music while taking a bus, having peers that have the same taste in music as you do makes it very very difficult. i prayer that Allah guide me and help me stop listening to music step by step. thank you for this post, i could relate to it in so many ways.

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