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Asalaam Alaikum


It is time again for our awards! 

Last year we changed the format with a number of categories and an award for the overall most inspirational blogger. We are keeping that format this year in sha Allah.

We have also been able to secure a number of sponsors who have kindly agreed to offer up some prizes to the winners. You can learn more about the sponsors in our post introducing them: Muslimah Bloggers Awards 2017 Sponsors.

Nominations are now open!!!

  • If a blog fits into more than one category you can nominate them in more than one category, but it would be nice to spread the love. However a MAXIMUM of two categories are permitted.
  • You can nominate yourself (if you really want to).
  • Please try to nominate in all categories if you can. You can check the directory for different categories if you need help in choosing.
  • You are free to write about the awards and ask for nominations.
  • ALL muslimah blogs are eligible to be nominated, not just those on the directory.
  • Nominations must be for a blogger blogging on their own site, not on a third party blog (i.e a guest writer).



Art and Crafts (includes all arts including literacy)
Fashion and Beauty
Parenting/Education/ Homeschooling
You Tube
Personal Development and Productivity

Overall award for Most Inspirational Blogger

Next steps:

Once the nominations are in, there will be a public vote ending on 30th September. The top 5 blogs in each category with the most nominations will go through to the voting stage in sha Allah.

Note: Overall award for most Inspirational Blogger will not be open to the public vote.  There will be a vote with members of the closed Facebook group and then the overall winner out of the top 3 will be chosen by admin and the sponsors.


Nominate Now!!


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