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At some point in life, you seem to fall prey to negativity. No matter how hard you try, you no longer feel the sweetness of Iman (faith) you once had. That’s exactly what happened to me when my life became busier. I was rushing to work, meeting deadlines, walking home, cooking dinner and then sleeping. Yes! I was praying during all these days yet I could feel that something was missing. Really missing!

I could no longer feel the calmness. I was praying but it was becoming mechanical. I was trying to recite Quran, yet I was in a hurry to finish it and do the next task. I knew my heart need to slow down, though my days were fast paced. I realised I needed to take steps to rejuvenate my soul and bring back the peace.


1. Accept it happens to all


Your Iman is a fluctuating factor. The more we put effort to accelerate it, the higher it goes. This feeling of low iman happened to even the most noble of people in Islam. Accept the fact that it can happen to everyone and you are not the only one experiencing it.


2. Dikr


“Remember Me, I will remember you” ~Quran

Allah is the one who can guide you from darkness to light. Try to incorporate simple dikr like “Alhamdulillah, SubhanAllah, La ilaha ill Allah” etc during your daily chores. You can do dikr without disturbing others at work, home or anywhere you are. Juice up your heart in the morning and evening with adhkar.


3. Do good deeds


Try to be mindful of your deeds. Smile to family members and friends. Greet them with salam. If you are earning, give charity regularly. Call up your parents if you are living away from them. Simple acts of goodness soften our heart.


4. Read Quran


Quran is the best medicine to cure diseases of the heart. Take wudu mindfully, get a cup of coffee/green tea and recite Quran with your full heart. It needn’t be hours and hours of dedication (though it’s good). Start with a page daily and slowly increase.


5. Dua


Allah loves those who ask Him. Praise Him with His beautiful names, be thankful for the blessings and sincerely pray to cure your heart. Dua is the weapon to get whatever we wish! Ask Allah to ease your difficulties. Surely Allah listens!

What are your action steps to bring back the iman? Share with me in the comments below 🙂

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  • Aisha Idris

    Alhamdulilah this article caught my attention at a time when I really needed it. The tips are quite common but yet again it was a great reminder for restoring my Imaan. Jazakillah khair.

  • Sana Mehreen

    Glad you liked it Ayesha Idris! 🙂

  • fatima

    mashaallah tabarakallah…i was at my lowest point …Alhamdullillah I read your post very uplifting

    • Sana Mehreen

      That’s so nice to hear Fatima! Indeed, we all go through the low phase of life. it’s just that we need reminders and activities to come out of it! May Allah help us all to seek balance!

  • Reja Rasheed

    Thanks for sharing this honest note. Your article has inspired me to follow the simple tips, which I know will bring peace to my soul. May Allah bless you!

    • Sana Mehreen

      Ameen Reja! Thanks for your lovely comment! 🙂

  • Aysha Faizal

    Masha allah …it’s a motivational article. .. we all need it to boost our iman. Jazak Allah

    • Sana Mehreen

      Wa iyyak Ayesha! 🙂

  • Sadia baig

    JAZAK ALLAH ! for recharging my iman after reading this it reminded me which I have forgotten about these steps. May ALLAH SWT give strength to keep ourselves determined on this iman amen.

    • Sana Mehreen

      Ameen! Thank you for dropping by! Am so glad to get such positive responses for my words… 🙂

  • Raheemah

    Alhamdulillah. This is so true- fluctuations in our iman. When I sometimes catch myself slipping away from my remembrance of Allah, I quickly retrace my steps to go back to the tasks that will fuel up my iman to an high again. The main thing is to just know when our iman starts diminishing and to quickly oost it up with the activiteis enumersted here.

    Jazaka’Allahu khairan for the article, dear Sana. 😁

    • Sana Mehreen

      Wa Antum fa Jazakumullahu khayran, Raheemah! Yea..so true!

  • Anchala Rabeeya

    Alhamdulillah! Well written Bestie
    May Allah guide us to the path towards him
    As prophet (puh) ” Remind ! Indeed reminder benefits the believer”

    JazakiAllahu khair ❤️

    • Sana Mehreen

      Wa Antum fa Jazakumullahu khayran Anchala! Friends like you are an amazing blessing! Love you!

  • Fatima Benjamin

    Salaam , my name is Fatima and i am a revert . Shukran for your lovely blog , reading the first sentence made me feel lighter immediately , my iman is low currently as i am dealing with some issues and think i might be depressed ….however it is encouraging to know that i am not alone ….May allah bless you ameen

  • Khadijah

    As salaamu alakium another way to boost your Iman is to refrain from sinning. May Allah make us righteous and forgive us Ameen.

  • Md. Yusuf Ali

    Thanks for the tips to bust up faith. Now I am in a position of feeling frustration in my mind. I see the ray of hope reading your article. Allah bless you.

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