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Whenever I raise my hands
To the Only One who understands
I know for sure He hears my call
And is waiting to answer to them all


He is Waiting… He is Near…
All His commandments are made clear


‘Call upon me; I will respond to you’
This is His Promise; Sure to come true
Sooner or later, it definitely will be accepted
As long as unto Him, you aren’t disconnected


He is Waiting… He is Near…
All you need is to hope and fear


Believe and have complete trust
These two traits are an absolute must
Never ever give up knocking at His door
Cause He is ever-ready to give you more and more


He is Waiting… He is Near…
So do not wait until next year


A stairway to get closer to our Supreme King
Who Himself commands us to ask Him everything
A powerful weapon and a shield for a believer
But a total loss and deprivation for a griever


He is Waiting… He is Near…
Watching every single drop of your tear


Indeed, confession is good for the soul
So confide in the One who has control
Do realize your faults, regret and repent
For all the times you erroneously spent


He is Waiting… He is Near…
Meanwhile His punishments are severe


He, our Lord gets angry when you do not supplicate
Moreover, duas have the power to even change our fate
As there is nothing more dearer to Him
Than a slave praying even when it is dim


He is Waiting… He is Near…
As long as your actions are sincere


‘I am with him if he remembers me’
Is God’s Words as you can see
Every night he descends to the lowest heaven
Expecting you to ask from Him 24×7


He is Waiting… He is Near…
Make sure your deeds make you a billioniare


Allah knows Best what you know not
Do not grow impatient when you haven’t already got
You may pray for something that may not be good for you
But He would replace it as He knows better than you do


He is Waiting… He is Near…
Remind yourself that He’d never disappear


By whatever name you call upon
His attention is certainly drawn
So do not miss this golden opportunity
By praying for each other and the whole community


He is Waiting… He is Near…
Only if by His rules, you’d adhere


He hears your call whether in the loneliest place you may be
Remember He responded to the prayer of ‘Yunus’ from under the sea
Even the voice from inside the belly of the whale
Was answered by the All-Mighty without fail


He is Waiting… He is Near…
Don’t worry, Allah is with you, dear…

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  • Madhiya

    JazakAllah Khayr for this wonderful and creative reminder! ^_^

  • Ibrahim Nimat Amina

    Jazakallah khayr for this wonderful peice

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