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Tonight I experience
Sheer joy, mere love,
As I put my head in sujood,
And whisper to Him above!

Tonight I hand over,
All my worries to Him,
As I lift up from sujood,
My anxieties have become slim!

Tonight I emerge,
Purified and Hopeful,
As I repent to Him,
I am no more doubtful!

Tonight I have realized,
The meaning of blind faith,
As I complete my prayer,
In my tears, I bathe!

How fortunate are we,
To have seen this month?
Blessed to fall in worship,
And rise in status above!

And as the night dawns,
Into the beautiful E’id,
I pray to Allah,
To accept our good deeds!


Khudaija.A.Nagaria July 1, 2016


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