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Blog Post by: The Islamic Light.

Happiness“The state of being happy”.

Happy“Feeling or showing pleasure or contentment”. 

With this definition in mind, would you consider yourself happy and content?

Comparing our Happiness to that of an Orphan


I recently came across a video by Mohamed Zeyara, a humanitarian activist and public speaker.
In it, he talked about his interview of a young orphan. He asked the orphan, “What is the most difficult part of your day?” to which he replied, “Nothing”. Confused Mohamed asked the question, “What is the most difficult part about living in an orphanage?” to which the boy replied “Nothing, I don’t have any problems”. Shocked, Mohamed continued the interview with, “If you had one wish and it would be granted, what would it be?” to which the boy replied, “I would like a Qur’an, the book of the Qur’an, because over here they don’t have the physical book Qur’an”.



This video got me thinking of the desires of the youth living in developed countries and seeking happiness. When we think about happiness, we constantly desire for more, “If I pass this exam, I will be happy. If I get these shoes, I will be happy. When I get married, I will be happy”. But is this what happiness is?

With the definition above it is clear that happiness is current and not dependent on what you have. Are you happy despite what you have and don’t have? Those objects shouldn’t be your ladder for happiness, and trust me, they never will be! You can’t expect to keep getting things and eventually reaching happiness. If this were at all the case, the richest people in the world and the celebrities we see on television would all be happy. They have the money to buy anything they desire, but are they happy?  The answer is clear the majority is not. This is why many rely on drugs and alcohol, cosmetic surgery and more, in order to reach a state of happiness. Despite all of this, a lot of them get trapped in a downward spiral and never truly reach a state of happiness. Now look at the less wealthy, those who have the bare minimum, are they happy? It’s shocking to think, but many are. They don’t have everything, and they barely have the basic necessities to get by, but they are happy. Now ask yourself, “Am I happy”?



If no amount of things will make us happier, what will?


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