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This is a guest post by a fellow blogger Humayraa. Recently she hasn’t had time to keep up with her blog posts due to family commitments, but has agreed to let us use a post written by her, but not yet published, on Muslimah Bloggers.

Going back to the natural and pre-developed nations way of doing things is now the latest craze. More and more people are becoming conscious of chemicals and their harmful effects and ingredients which they cannot pronounce, and are looking towards nature for remedies.

Beauty regimes have moved away from chemical creams, and laser peels, and now people are using ingredient such as honey, coconut oil, coconut milk, avocado butter, shea butter, cocoa butter, cucumbers, chocolates, extra virgin olive oil, yogurt, apple cider vinegar and more for hair cleansing and conditioning, hair and facial masks, skin cleaning and moisturizing. The results have been eco-friendly products, healthier skin and hair, and happier consumers.


photo credit: SammyJayJay via photopin cc

photo credit: SammyJayJay via photopin cc

Nutrition preferences have moved away from GMO products, processed ‘food’, fast food and junk. Now, the craze is being healthy, and a variety of healthy lifestyle nutrition regimes ranging from vegan to paleo, fruitarian to clean. No matter which is followed, the overall goal of eating only natural, nutrient dense foods is being achieved by an ever increasing number of people.

Lastly, people are realizing the health benefits of living a physically active lifestyle, so more people are getting up and moving around. Some are opting to ride bicycles or skate to and from school or work, whilst others are engaging in one or some of the multitude of fitness classes available. Everything from zumba to pilates, bodybuilding to fitness and athleticism, crossfit to HIIT training, it’s all popular now, and many have and are going from flab to fab.

Nature has given us everything which we need and going back to the simple way of life definitely has its rewards.

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