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Alhumdulilah this is the 2nd week of Ramadan and by now you all must have been adjusted to the Ramadan routine. As Ramadan begins we all have certain goals to attain. Some of us want to avoid lying and backbiting, some of us want to do more Ibadah, some of us want to develop a healthy lifestyle and the list goes on. But as the first few days of Ramadan passes by we kind of get more into the routine and sometimes it is difficult to be more mindful of our purpose in Ramadan.


Hence I bring you 4 quick tips to help you stay more aware of your Ramadan activities so by the end of this Ramadan you have attained your goal and adopted that one or several good habits that you had been trying to achieve from so long.

Set daily goals

I always recommend setting daily goals during Ramadan because each day brings its own challenges. Also, when you set daily goals one night before, it is easier to remember them and in order to attain all your day’s goals you follow it whole heartedly. In your daily goals, write the number of pages of Quran that you have to read, any Tasbeeh that you have to recite and your  iftar and suhoor menu as well so you won’t have to think much during that day and it will also help you to stay healthy if that is one of your Ramadan goals.

Keep your daily goal visible

Instead of writing your daily goals in a book and keeping it closed on a shelf, have your goals written in a place where you will be able to see several times in a day. You can stick a small thin notepad on your wall or keep it open on your table. You can even use a stick-on.

Make your laptop and smart phone wallpaper more useful

Keep a picture of your Ramadan goals as your laptop or smart phone wall paper so that each time you look at your phone or start working on your laptop you will be reminded about your goals. Here you can even include the habits that you need to avoid, like no backbiting, no lying, no getting angry and so on. It doesn’t really have to be in the form of text, you can even make a collage of pictures that identify that habit and put it as your wall paper. For some of us pictures are more effective than text so why not use pictures as your goal reminder.

Keep a consequence

Most of the times the reason we are not able to follow our goals is because we know there will be no consequences even if you don’t follow them. With consequences I don’t mean that one should punish themselves harshly but maybe do something that they wouldn’t like doing. Like if you have lied to your mother or a friend and now are finally aware of it, your consequence should be to be tell them they you were lying and tell the truth and this is something which of course you wouldn’t like doing so next time you will be more aware. If you don’t pray the certain number of pages from Quran that you were supposed to then you should skip your favourite activity and complete the remaining number of pages. So when you will have to suffer from a consequence for not fulfilling a certain goal you will remember it better the next day.

So I really hope these tips help you to spend a more goal oriented Ramadan and to help you become a better human and a better Muslim.

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    Jazakillah khair for sharing. Very useful tips 😊

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