In the name of Allah the most beneficial and the most merciful


The term ummati basically means the ummah-which is us. There are so many thoughts which strike me when I think of UMMATI. If ocean was my ink and the land my canvas I would still be running short.

Our Nabi saw’s last sermon which was called out and addressed to us ummati, laid emphasis on brotherhood, salah, equality, hajj, beware of satan, taqwa, Quran, justice, right of women, to sum it all it is Islam the final divine secular religion of peace and truth and our prophet sallahu alaihi wasallam showed us the way of living and attaining jannah.

I was born and the azaan was called in my ears by my elders, it meant to walk on the straight path of success that is sunnah and now when I ponder upon my deeds thinking what tiny minute atom good have I done ? I am only shattered because I was blessed to be called UMMATI, without even been asked for it. Imagine someone gifts you a solitaire without you asking or wishing for it. How would you feel ?

On the day of judgement when all will cry nafsi nafsi (myself myself) only Nabi Mohammed al Mustafa (sallahu alaihi wasallam) will say UMMATI UMMATI MY UMMATI… He (sallahu alaihi wasallam ) was a leader for mankind. He had his own companions and family who suffered and died in the path of ALLAH swt. But our prophet (sallahu alaihi wasallam) was worried only for us. Imagine someone loved us soo much that he prayed for us to attain jannah (eternal happiness) even before we existed ?

Sheikh Zayed Mosque

For us leadership means our own comfort with luxurious lifestyle but for our prophet sallahu alaihi wasallam it meant assisting and helping people until the limit even till the akhirat.

Reminder to myself first- every time you think of going against the sunnah remember our prophet sallahu alaihi wasallam last intercession -UMMATI UMMATI UMMATI…

As an UMMATI it is must for us to read, the biography or life span of our last prophet Nabi sallahu alaihi wasallam. To realise what it is to be called UMMATI and to what we are taking for granted…


It’s never too late… Let’s start preparing ourselves for the Akhirat. Every sunnah fetches abundant rewards.

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  • Rafeeda

    JazakAllah Khair for the reminder… Very much needed…
    Rafeeda recently posted…How to make soft Chapathis? ~ Indian Wholewheat FlatbreadMy Profile

  • Papatia Feauxzar

    Masha’Allah. Good reminder. Life is short and I read that it’s the reason when we’re born the adhan is called in our ears and there is no prayer until when we die, the prayer is performed. Subhannallah, we need to take this heed. Houb salam.

    • Irum Favaz

      JazakaAllah khair for liking this. I simply love your style of writing aswell 🙂

  • Numa shafeen

    Assalamu alaikum
    Allhumdullilah very nice artice i just loved reading it and shared to others to !! Keep blogging your ideas because only few of them get a good chance !! Please keep me updated

    • Irum Favaz

      Walaikumasalam JazakaAllah for sharing this. In sha Allah will update u regularly. Keep checking out this page because it’s loaded with awesome articles.

      • Nima shafeen

        Jazakhallah khairan also read your other post chachi

  • Naila Afreen

    An aptly chosen topic! No matter how much we ponder into it, it’s always less. Did any one of us asked to be a part of this blessed ummah? But we were chosen to be the ummati of Allah’s Habeeb S.A.S! A privilege which even prophets were denied when they asked to be a part of this special ummah. And here we are, ready to foresee the sunnah of our beloved Prophet S.A.S. This article clearly lays emphasis on the fact that we need to learn and adopt Sunnah in our daily lives which will not only steer our lives away from this deceptive dunya but also benefit us largely in both the worlds. Rightly said, Irum, as a follower of Muhammad S.A.S, we should obligate ourselves into reading the seerah of our Nabi , if not atleast once in our lifetime. Believe me, ur eyes will open up to the most finest human being this earth has ever seen!( may peace and blessings be upon Him)

    • Irum Favaz

      MashaALLAH so truly said Naila dd 🙂 and very well expressed aswell. JazakaAllah khair for sharing ur thoughts.

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