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ALHUMDULILAH, life has always been a blessing from Allah swt. No matter what ups and downs we face, with the help of Allah swt there is khair at the end. Even if things do not turn the way we expect them to, there is something better happening for sure. Allah swt is the best of planners. He is supreme and omnipotent. Never ever forget that. There is no doubt  in the fact that Allah knows best. He is the All knower, most gracious, most merciful. Power lies in the hands of Allah alone. Never doubt or grumble as to why such and such a thing is happening ? Or as to why human or ummatis are tested. We ummatis are suppose to have faith tawakkal in our Rabb.

For every action there’s a reaction and Allah says in the Quran be patient and be thankful. We humans are suppose to react in these two manners. For all the numerous blessings we have and for the oxygen we breathe every second, we are supposed to be thankful. The more you thank Allah, the more you will be blessed. Be thankful for the night, for it is to rest and refresh ourselves. Be thankful for sunlight every morning. There are innumerable things to be thankful for. Have a positive approach and look at things with different point of views. I am sure you will only be mesmerised. Just say ALHUMDULILAH and remember your life is better than millions.

Holy QuranWe may be tested as well. Allah says in the Quran that wealth and children are a test. This is something which we are very attached to and there is s sense of pride in possessing wealth and children. If we want our children to be righteous then we have to be pious. Because we are their role models first. And if trial and tribulations comes across just be patient. Blindly have tawakkal trust on Allah swt and believe that Allah will only do the best for us. Because he loves us more than 70 mothers; imagine the love which our mothers bestow on us is so sooo generous and abundant. That multiplied 70 times… I am amazed. Truly blessed to be called an ummati. All I want to convey is no matter what situation we face just remember TO BE PATIENT and TO BE THANKFUL.

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  • Yunia Praptawati

    Let’s thank to Allah for this a beautiful life.

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