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Asalaam Alaikum

Last year we asked why bloggers in our community why they were looking forward to Ramadan. This year we asked how they were preparing for Ramadan.


Muslim-Mother-2Ramadan is my favorite month of the year. It’s a beautiful, peaceful month. But in order to fully take advantage of all the blessings and rewards of Ramadan I try to prepare myself mentally and get a head start in doing good deeds.

This Ramadan, I am planning to start reciting the Quran before Ramadan starts so it’ll be easier for me to finish. Another important and mandatory step is for me to limit all electronic use and focus more on doing ibaadats such as dhikr, praying a lot more sunnah salaats and focusing on how to start and maintain a good habit that I’ll continue well after Ramadan ends.


Raising young believersWe’ve started making decorations for the house, to build up the excitement for the children. I usually choose a theme to focus on for the children, previously we’ve done shukr and last year we did kindness. We haven’t decided on a theme on a theme yet for this year. I also try to prepare savouries and some food stuffs before Ramadaan and stock up the freezer, so as its easier to prepare iftaar when I get home from work. Seeing as we’re heading into winter iftaar will be quite early, and in that manner I will have more time to actually spend with my Quraan, and benefit spiritually.
Raising Young Believers


sadafs culinary adventuresI feel blessed that Allah Subhan Wa Ta’ala is giving me another chance to witness the holy month of Ramadan. In order to be able to reap the rewards of this month, I try my best to be prepared mentally, physically and spiritually. I try to fast for a few days in Shaban to get my body used to it. I start reading the Quran more regularly. I try to clean and organize my home as much as possible before the start of Ramadan. I stock up on non-perishable grocery items and freeze some snacks and main course dishes for iftar and dinner. I also try to do my Eid shopping before the start of Ramadan so that I don’t waste precious time during the holy month.
My Culinary Adventures


Sisterly YoursI need to re-align my spiritual compass this Ramadan. There have been distractions, down-in-the-dumps feelings, failures and critical pressures, and a whole lot from the Bag of Dislikes as I like to call it. Circumstances have made my soul meander away from the powerhouse of Taqwa I harbor in my heart of hearts. I know I have it in there because that is what lead to me transforming into a revolutionary, confident woman that I am today. I have been practicing and I have been righteous but personally I feel that I let the daily chaos of life dull the passionate spark I had in my prayers and creative works some years ago. I am going to re-align my compass this Ramadan, Insha’Allah, and re-discover that wild park that announces the love of Allah SWT ever so fiercely in thoughts, words, and deeds.
Sisterly Yours


On a journey to SuccessSalaamualaikum, ALHAMMDULILLAH am excited about Ramadhan it is a period I will always long for. I have been improving on myself every Ramadhan and In sha Allah I pray for the same this same coming Ramadhan….
And I also pray to live every moment of each day in Ramadhan.

I do not exactly make any planning before Ramadhan, I tend to prepare myself more, I set some goals and make the intension to improve on myself from the previous Ramadhan.

May Allah allow us to reach this coming Ramadan, Aameen
On a Journey to Success


BouchraFor years, I’ve been trying to have the perfect Ramadan, but it never worked out. I always underestimate the amount of time daily life takes, and overestimate the amount of ibadah I can do. This year, I’m making some changes in my planning habits. First off, I’m tracking my time BEFORE Ramadan to try and figure out what things I can eliminate DURING Ramadan. Then, I’m going to set some achievable, super-realistic goals, and get an accountability buddy. Lastly, but not leastly, I’ve already started pre-prepping meals so I don’t have to spend a lot of time in the kitchen. I need to grow spiritually a lot as over the last year I realized I’m lacking in certain areas of my Iman and getting this plan in advance is hopefully going to be the key to working on them in-sha Allah. You can read more about the process here: 5 Steps to Achieve Work-Life-Ibadah Balance in Ramadan

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How are you all preparing for Ramadan? Any special family customs to welcome Ramadan? Do feel free to share in the comments. And if you are a blogger and have written a post relating to Ramadan this year then do feel free to add it to the linky.


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