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The Quran was a miracle sent by Allah Almighty since 14,000 years ago. It’s not a book of science or technology. Many Muslims would not be able to survive without the Quran being recited every day. It is a book of guidance for humanity at its whole! Allahu Akbar.

Allah has made the Quran a divine miraculous journey for the prophet Muhammad ﷺ. He was sent as the Messenger of God spreading the message of Islam. The Quran is the words of Allah Almighty. The revelation was, in fact, a source of happiness and joy for the prophet Muhammad ﷺ.

In an occasion, Surah ad-Dhuha was sent down to the prophet Muhammad ﷺ when he was with immense sadness and grief, he lost his uncle, Abu Talib died, Khadijah radiyallahu anha passed away as well. Imagine the state of losing someone so dear to your heart in the most difficult situation, the moment you see them as the pillar of strength, and the next they were taken away from your sight. However, Allah loves them more. You would never imagine this event happening in your life.

Prophet Muhammad ﷺ thought Allah had left him alone, for six months there were no revelation sent down, angel Jibreel did not come down but Allah has its right time and according to His plan to relief and comfort a soul seeking for His grace and mercy. Miracle of miracles, Surah Dhuha was revealed to console the prophet Muhammad ﷺ.

The Quran has guided the non-Muslims searching for the true God. For some, they had to go through trials and struggles for years doing their research and reading materials in the library, seeking and  learning about Islam from various materials available.


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    The Quran is truly a living miracle. one finds amazing characteristics from every perspective.

  • M Ousaf Jillani

    Quran is guideline for all over people in the world not only for muslims

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