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Asalaam Alaikum

As the month of hajj is upon us, the perfect theme was faith.


@joimran shares a picture of a prayer mat given to her by her mother in law.


@tmguide was reflecting on when she went on hajj.


@gilded_dunya discusses tajweed

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Some years back when I was studying Tajweed and we used to get homework to perfect certain rules and fix our makhraj – I relied on recording myself on my phone and playing it back to check for mistakes. The biggest reason for it was because Abu Yusra would tell me off for mistakes (sometimes more than the teacher). Although it started off as something temporary – it has now become a very important part of my memorising process. It aids me in a way nothing else does. I get to regularly check if I've memorised an ayah properly or a even a whole surah. It allows me to check if I'm elongating in the correct places, it helps me check everything about my recitation. I say it's the next best thing after having a teacher. Through using this, I've been able to pick up on small mistakes I make and correct myself straightaway. What seems like a resort of a very bored or lonely person, is actually very helpful and effective. And the irony is, now Abu Yusra uses this method too. So much so, he's got himself some fancy voice recording device. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ Alhamdhulillah. Try it. You'll love learning to memorise even more, obviously it takes a couple of days to get over listening to your own voice sound funny. But look at the bigger picture inshaAllah. #MBPhotoOfTheWeek with @muslimahblogs #Faith #QuranMemorisation #Quran #Learning #LifeOfAMuslimah #MuslimFamily #RealisedIOwnALotOfPinkThings #WhenDidThatHappen

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@karimscrafts shares a different kind of faith….faith of staying safe.


@muslimmothersource shares a beautiful hadith.


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