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Salah is not an option but rather a duty prescribed by Allah to every sane Muslim. It is much more important than filling in your stomach thrice a day or earning your livelihood. But sadly Salah for most of the people comes after they have satisfied their hunger and worked to earn money.

We spend all our lives perfecting our skills, our personality, our characters and most importantly our lives. But between all that we forget to perfect our Salah merely because we are so engrossed in this Dunya that we forget to prepare ourselves for the Hereafter.

In one of my Philosophy class I learnt that according to Socrates we do things that we believe in and I can relate this to our lives. We implement those actions that we know are supposed to be done. We earn because we believe that without money we cannot survive, we eat because we know that it keeps us healthy, we wear Hijab because we believe in the commandment of Allah and we want to live in well paved houses because we know that will give us security. That means that when we don’t pray properly, we do not believe or rather forget that we are praying for our Creator.

Keeping it simple and crisp, I have gathered four main reasons we should prefect our Salah.  


You have to stand before your Lord

We usually straighten up our posture and speak formally when someone higher in authority enters the room. It doesn’t matter what work we are doing, we take some time out to show respect to that person and if that person stops by to have a chat with us, we wear our biggest smiles even though we have a million problems going on in our mind. But Allah loves us the most, He listens to our problems, worries and sorrows each time we are prostrating before Him. He doesn’t even wants you to act fake, all you are required to do is concentrate on what you are reciting and not hurry with your Salah.

Your supplication may not get accepted

Most of us whine when our Du’as don’t get accepted but we give very little thought to how much effort are we putting in to make Allah happy. We want Allah to fulfill our needs and desires, we want Allah to give us happiness but how much are we doing to perform our duties perfectly, most important of it is Salah.

Imperfect Salah will not get accepted

When we have to submit an assignment to our teacher or do a project for our boss or the client, there is certain criterion that needs to be followed. If there is any sort of difference in the format our work gets rejected. This is why each one of us puts in a lot of effort to make our work look presentable so that our teacher or boss gets impressed. So why not put in the same amount of effort in the assignment appointed to us by our Creator.

The Messenger of Allah (P.B.U.H) said: “The worst thief is the one who steals from his own prayer.” People asked: ‘Messenger of Allah! How could one steal from his own prayer?’ He said: “By not completing its rukoo and sujood” [at-Tabarani]

It will only benefit YOU

There are innumerous Angels praying before Allah. He does not needs our prayers, but we need these prayers to save us from the punishments of the grave and the Hell fire on the Judgement Day. If you believe in the Judgement Day then you ought to perfect your Salah.

Talking about perfecting your Salah, you should see that you recite with proper tajweed. You are not eating any verses in between because once we get habitual with the same recitation every day we tend to skip in between. Pray with the correctly prescribed posture. Do not hurry like you are about to miss your flight. Lastly, perform Salah with love and not like it is a burden upon you.

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