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With the New Year just beginning, one of the most important goals I have, and I’m sure many of you have, is to be healthier this year. Here are a few tips and suggestions to keep you on track with your healthy lifestyle this year.


Eat enough, but don’t over eat

My dad has been telling us this since we were kids, but unfortunately in our desi/ south Asian culture, this is so far from the truth. Even on a daily basis, I feel our foods are too heavy and filling. Although my only meal of the day that is ‘desi food’ is dinner, I’ve worked around that to make sure the rest of the day I focus on healthier foods.

Likewise, for a while now, I’ve felt that I’ve just been eating wayyy too much for my body. Even if your plate is full of healthy veggies and grains, it can be way more than what your body needs! It will result in bloating, tiredness, and feeling sick.

Allah says: “O children of Adam, take your adornment to every mosque. Eat and drink, but be not excessive. Indeed, He does not like those who commit excess.” [Sûrah al-A`râf: 31]

Avoiding excessive overindulging can keep you feeling energized and happy. In order to achieve this, it will take time. Here are a few tips you can take to make sure you can achieve this.


Listen to your body:

As you begin to eat, check with yourself. Eat slowly and take your time. I’ve always had a habit of eating TOO fast, and people always say that makes you gain weight, because your body does not have the time to digest. It’s important to go slow, and take your time. It takes your body close to half hour to realize it’s full! So if you eat too fast, your brain will tell you you’re hungry, even if you’re not.
Avoid Gluttony:

When something tastes good, we naturally want to eat more of it. That is true for many things in life, especially food. When you’ve had that bowl of ice cream, or those handful of cookies, but you still want more, what do you do?

1) If I’m really, really craving another bite of something– then for sure, I’ll eat it! It’s important to let your body enjoy what it likes, every once in a while. Plus everyone deserves a treat, so don’t regret eating that extra something, if you enjoy it!

2) If I’m not totally craving the food and just wanting to eat a little extra for fun, I tell myself to wait. The food is not going anywhere. This requires you to have a lot of self-control—because come on, who doesn’t want the last cookie in the jar? But by exercising this control, you set limits for your body and won’t overeat.


Eat while Seated

My mom has told me this tip my whole life, and sometimes, even today, I don’t listen to it. With the hustle bustle of our days, we all just want to eat on the go, and not think twice. But the harms of eating while standing are detrimental if you are trying to lose weight!

By being seated, you allow yourself to eat slower and take the time to appreciate your food.

It aids in digestion, because your organs are properly situated where they should be.

This will prevent you from mindlessly eating when you’re not hungry, or snacking when not necessary, which will again lead to weight gain.

It will increase your satisfaction with the food you’ve eaten, and you will appreciate the food you’ve just enjoyed.



I hope these tips were helpful to you all! Best of luck in achieving your health goals this year!

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