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As we enter the last ten days
There is a mixture of sadness of losing my loyal friend yet again
And the determination of increasing in reward and dua due to Laylatul Qadr

O Ramadan my dear friend
The time of feeling peace, true love and spirituality
A time of congregation with loved ones
A time of knowing you true self
A time of seeking forgiveness from Almighty
I wonder whether I see you again next year if Allah wills
But as I wonder, I prepare and make the most of it as if it is my last

O Ramadan my dear friend
The sehri, tajjahud, iftar, taraweeh
The atmosphere in the masajid
The atmosphere in the city
The feeling of victory showing far and near the unity we have we have within the Ummah


O Brothers and Sisters
Stay steadfast
Help one another
Love one another
Greet one another.

Ramadan Lantern

About the Poet

Hafsa Waseela is in the medical field and her website is www.hafsaabbas.com

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  • Rifat



    Got to know a lot from this!
    Everything was so relatable.
    Thank you for sharing!

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