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Innamal usri yusra.

With hardship comes ease.

Each Ramadan is different from the last. We’ve all had trying times and joyous occasions over the past year.

Ramadan for me is meant to be a reset. Pull away from all the distractions, worries and stresses that life gives you, and reflect. Connect with Allah, and try to better your relationship with him.

It’s about going back to the core belief of Tawheed, and strengthening my iman. With so many acts of worship being carried out from extra salaah to reading Qur’an, it’s all about communicating with Allah and him speaking to you through his revealed words.

An ayah which I’ve found very reassuring this Ramadan is “With hardship comes ease.” Surah Inshiraah (94:6)

Ramadan is that ease.

Almost effortlessly, we sacrifice hours of sleep to get up early.

Clock, alarm, hour.

We make the extra effort to attend Taraweeh in the masjids, and it is somehow easy for us to do so. There are no complaints. For a month, things are how they should be, our focus is on ibadah and the varying forms that it takes.

Things- life’s stresses, that we’re otherwise preoccupied with are shelved. They are less important compared to the things we do in Ramadan instead. It feels like we’re always rushing to perform an act of worship.

As Ramadan can be that ease for us, I think we should also go easy on ourselves during this month. That doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t try to do as much ibadah as we can, but sincerity in our actions is important too.

With this being the 21st day, Ramadan 2016 is quickly coming to a close, as Ramadan always does, it seems. We’re thinking about Eid preparations from clothes to food, and what are our plans for the day. At the back of our minds is guilt- I think for most of us we feel like we didn’t do enough as we could’ve, and begin to feel disparaged.

I think many of us, myself included, feel a need to make Ramadan perfect: that we should complete the recitation of Qur’an this number of times, and if we didn’t, our Ramadan was less than. We need to remember that we have tried, and there will always be room for improvement. Ramadan is about extra worship but it is also about incorporating doable actions into our daily routine; the small consistent actions.

Part of Ramadan is recognizing our weaknesses, which isn’t related to our need for food and drink, but our thought patterns. Sometimes we’re just too hard on ourselves. Somedays we’ll be too tired and need a rest, so take it. Make the time productive. Taking time to be reflective, and thankful for what we have been given isn’t limited to out prayer rugs. We can do that as we do our chores, or see about our children or go about our daily routines.

This is a  month of mercy, and being merciful to others means being merciful to ourselves as well.

About the Author:

Saffiyya is a millennial blogger living on the islands. She blogs at Blue Jeans and Hijab about island life in your twenties spiced up with rants. Life on the islands isn’t all sunshine and beaches.

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  • Shahanara Begum

    A good reminder sis. We need to remind ourselves that Ramadan is also about change. Small changes that we can continue with after Ramadan.

  • Hafidzah Cumlaude

    Yes, that’s true. The ease that comes after hardship..

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