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Dear Ramadan,

We have been lucky enough to meet you yet again this year and earn Allah’s blessings through you. Verily, Allah Subhanahu wa ta’ala sent you to us as a gift and made you the reason of increase in our imaan, our ibaadah and acceptance of our repentance. You came as a mercy, took us towards forgiveness and plans to finish at our freedom from the hell fire. Alhamdulillah that you visit again and again and bring us joys of our hearts, peace of our minds and contentment of our souls.

I remember thousands of years ago when u came, there was less bloodshed of Muslims, peace was prevailing everywhere and justice was a common phenomena. Years passed by and you saw us Muslims in one of our worst shapes, fighting each other, killing each other that too in the name of Islam, forgetting that the honor and life of a Muslim is more important to Allah Subhanahu wa ta’ala than any other thing. You witnessed us isolating the Quran from ourselves, putting the Book of Allah in decorative shelves and wishing if we ever will contemplate on its Ayas, learn from it and apply it’s teachings to our lives. You noticed our hearts dying and following the wrong paths. You saw us lying to each other, being dishonest to our brothers and keeping an evil eye on others’ belongings. You witnessed our socio economic and political conditions getting worse day by day. You observed us picking and choosing from Islam as per our personal likings. O Ramadan, you saw us using the Ayas and Ahadiths out of context to suit our purpose. You witnessed our Ummah as discarded, degraded and in a very wretched condition. You saw us bifurcated in thousands of sects instead of uniting as One. We are depicting a sad and sorry state of affairs as our legitimate rights are being violated, we are labeled as terrorists and we are being marginalized and persecuted. You know the condition of our Muslim leaders these days who are all dead by hearts and followers of the non-believers. You saw our brothers in Palestine, Syria, Iraq, Kashmir and Afghanistan as a deep wound in the body of Muslim Ummah. You witnessed our decline and downfall over all these years and we kept on making you sadder day by day.

O my beloved, yet you come to meet us every year on the hope that we muslims will become an Ummah that our Prophet (s.a.w) prayed for, that we will develop Taqwa in our hearts and live by it till we die, that we will open the Divine Speech of Allah Subhanahu wa ta’ala and take guidance from it. You continued to visit yet we forgot your true spirit and gone astray. We got busy in filling our stomachs rather than feeding our souls. We dwelled ourselves in losing our weight instead of losing our sins. How ignorant of us to do so. We forgot our true worth and overlooked your real value. We cover our heads the whole month and uncover it the very next day of new month. We forgot to make Dua and got ourselves busy in cooking huge meals at the time of iftar. We forgot your true purpose. We forgot what you came for. We spend our days sleeping and our nights in house chores. We forgot your true essence. And some of us even make fools of ourselves by becoming pious in the month and turning away the day you leave. We are sad, we are sorry, we mourn and we cry at our deplorable condition but believe us that one day we will transform. Verily, Allah doesn’t change the condition of people unless they strive to change themselves. Hopefully we will be the ‘change’ one day that you want to see in us and we will make you proud of ourselves.

O dear, we wish that you stay forever till the death do us part so that we Muslims can be at the best of our Imans throughout. Even if you stay for a month, please help us to change ourselves for the entire life and mould us to become best practicing Muslims. Please be a life changing experience for us. Help us burn our pride, ego and sins. Help us to come closer to Allah and help us to earn good deeds to be multiplied manifold. Teach us to live like every day is Ramadan so that our Akhirah becomes our Eid.

O Ramadan, may you become the source of forgiveness of our sins. May we rekindle the torch of Islam in our hearts with your help. May we awake our hearts, brains and souls and reunite as One. May you come again in our lives and may we meet death in your beloved nights while prostrating to our Lord. May your end doesn’t mean ‘The End’ but the start of a New Journey leading towards ‘The Jannat ul Firdous’.

Ameen Ya Rab ul Aalameen.

Truly yours,

A Muslim.


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Writing for me is an expression of my feelings with all honesty and truthfulness. I love deliberating on whatever catches my fancy on my blog ‘Contemplations of the wandering soul’ ( Apart from that, I am a stay at home mom at present and a mother of 2 handsome sons. I hope you enjoy reading this article and provide your valuable feedback.

  • Blessings of Ramadan

    Ramadan is the most valuable month in the Islamic calendar (Hijri) and it is obligatory for the Muslims to fast in the month of Ramadan.

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