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IN THE NAME OF ALLAH, the most beneficial and the most merciful.

We all welcome the month of January as it marks a new beginning of the year. Many come up with new year resolutions and what not. Every individual wants to improve. A new beginning can be made in all forms. Be it relationship, career, study, business, life in general, etc etc, and at any point of time. Not just New Years.
The ultimate base is positivity. Trust me there is no new beginning without the positive vibes running in your blood stream.
It’s never too late, If you have the passion, the urge to start up something new then go ahead, every human faces obstacles but nothing is permanent and solution lies there within.

First of all strengthen your emaan, connect with Allah swt. Get closer to Allah swt. Start learning Islam, and if you already know it then start spreading it. If you have your emaan with you then there is no looking back. All it means, is that you have started paving your way to eternal happiness.


Broken relationships is becoming more and more common these days. Try giving a new phase to it. Remember never to compromise when it comes to relationship because it’s a blessing indeed. Chuck out the old memories or the faded ones and begin spinning love fromscratch. It could be your spouse, parents, siblings, relatives, neighbours, friends, the list is never ending. Spread happiness, love and laughter. Kick that evil feeling or hatred towards any human. If you seriously or genuinely don’t like a person just maintain distance.

Also many hesitate to begin new ventures. And the common factor I have heard so far is age and time. Many hesitate and feel it’s late to venture into new projects or business. Age is nothing but a number, it’s all in the mind set. React spontaneously and viola ! You will only end up feeling content.

Majority of us dream, and dreams are all about achieving. Unless and and until we don’t begin, we will not achieve. So start chasing your dreams.

Not all new beginnings end up with success. But the point is “At-least you tried your best” or “At least you gave it a shot” and definitely it taught you lessons and resulted in a better human being.

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  • Nasmeen Natisha

    Sweet n inspirational

    • Irum

      JazakAllah khair dd 😘 Thanks for commenting.

  • Ariadne

    simple and spot on. good luck on your new blogging adventure, sis ^__^

  • Irum

    Thanks a bunch sis 😍

  • Fatima Hachem El Hamoui

    This is absolutely inspiring dear sister. I really loved reading it and it definitely gave me a motivation boost! It’s very important to always try to improve ourselves, no matter what, and constantly spread love and follow our dreams. Jazaaki Allahu khayran for your very sincere words of advice! Take care and keep up the great work. 🙂 <3

    • Irum

      JazakAllah khair sis fathima hachem <3 thanks a bunch for your generous words. So glad you liked it. Ur comment motivated me aswell ❤️

  • Khudaija.A.Nagaria

    Assalam O Alaikum Wa Rehmatullahe Wa Barakatuhu Sister Irum. I am a great fan of your simple style of writing alhamdulillah. Yout write-up reminded me of a quote that I read in my days of youth: ‘If you want your dreams to come true, then wake up!’ You just said something similar here 🙂

    I loved the part where you mentioned broken relationships and mending ties with everyone. Great advice!

    Looking forward to reading more from you insha’Allah.
    Khudaija.A.Nagaria recently posted…The Du’a That Changed My World!My Profile

    • Irum Irshad

      Walaikumasalam wrwb sis khudaija. JazakaAllah khairan kaseeran for such a beautiful and generous comment. I love ur writing aswell…. I fact I keep checking if there is anything new on your side as it brings me closer to Islam… U writings are soo inspirational. Blessed to know you and have you as a friend 🙂
      Irum Irshad recently posted…TODDLER SNACKING ! My Profile

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