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Asalaam Alaikum

The nominations are in and voting can commence! You have until 29th December to submit your votes in sha Allah. Please try to vote in each category.

Here are the top 10 nominees for each category. 

Nomination for Best Arts/Crafts Blog (including literacy)

Nomination for Best Fashion and Beauty Blog

Nomination for Best Food/Recipe Blog

Best Lifestyle Blog

Nomination for Best Parenting Blog

Nomination for Best Education Blog

Nomination for Best Religious Blog

Nomination for Best Travel Blog

Nomination for Best Health Blog

Nomination for Best Personal Development/Productivity Blog

Nomination for Best Business Blog

Nomination for Best Youtube Blogger

Nomination for Best Instagrammer

Nomination for Best Blog Facebook Page

Nomination for Overall Most Inspirational Blogger

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Showing 13 comments
  • Noshia abbasi

    Mama teaches me

  • Creative Khadija

    JazakAllah for the nomination. I am so glad to be a part of the nominations this year again <3
    Best Regards!

  • Esra Alhamal

    How very kind of you to add me to the list! Such a great roundup of fantastic bloggers 💛

  • Merusha

    Voting for “Through Mama’s Eyes” for best parenting blog and overall most inspirational blogger

  • Neelum javed

    Vote for urdu mom

  • faiza

    i want to vote for urdu mom

  • Zarreen Ammar

    Vote for Urdu Mom

  • nausheennaeem

    vote for urdu mom

  • Nazia

    Glad to have found so many blogs by Muslimahs . I have been following Islam Hashtag by Aafiya and so I would like to vote for it .It really uplifts my mood whenever I read it .

    As for the rest of the blogs in other categories I haven’t heard much about them so is that ok if I only vote in one category .

    By the way nice work.

    • admin

      Yes thats fine to just vote in one category but you can read the others as they are all linked up

  • Leila Idris

    Our Muslim Homeschool!

  • Shamz

    Our Muslim homeschool

  • Rish Math

    Glided Dunya!!!!

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