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As  Ramadan is just about to unfold all its blessings and advantages, more and more women with intimate issues like irregular cycles/ bleeding, pregnancy, painful periods, breastfeeding and fasting are surrounded by a series of doubts. Most commonly they are perplexed about their fast and any loss in the indulgence of the spiritual awakening in the holy month of RAMADAN due to the cycle disturbances and irregular bleeding.

As a physician, the most debated questions put by the women are:

  • Are we fit enough to fast with Pregnancy?
  • Will fasting have any effect on the production of milk?

Older women are mostly concerned about any episodes of spotting/ bleeding which may happen in Ramadan.

But the most awestruck are the young women having a MISSED PERIOD or an episode of IRREGULAR BLEEDING and assuming themselves to be pregnant.

What quantifies a physician’s role is the fact that these women also want to know the ISLAMIC RULINGS about the issue at first hand.

Recently, a newlywed girl with delayed periods came up for the confirmation of pregnancy and left with a heavy heart when she was told that her period irregularity is not because of conception but something else.


As mentioned above, most of the women insist on having the valid Islamic Rulings regarding their FAST and PERIOD IRREGULARITIES. As I am not an Islamic Scholar, I used to guide them to the Islamic JURISPRUDENCE sites for their issues. What I ensure them is the fact that SHARIAH rulings are built on consideration of differences between Individuals, Kindness and Gentleness. (Allah knows the Best)


According to By Sh. Muhammad al-Hassan Wali al-Dido al-Shanqiti women are presented with a number of issues that meet the requirements of hardships like pregnancy, nursing, menstruation and irregular vaginal blood flow and it influences the ruling related to purity, prayer and fasting… can read more here. (Allah knows the Best)


We are all aware of the fact that the most common cause of MISSED PERIOD is PREGNANCY but also many of the causes of missed period could be due to any pathology other than pregnancy leading to IRREGULARITY in periods. It is a common complaint among women significantly affecting their quality of life.

According to the report published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, missed periods over an extended period of time (Amenorrhea), is a relatively common condition that is present in up to 5% of adult women at any time.

Wait! Before digging into the irregular periods and their causes we must first get clear about what the normal or regular periods are?


Approximately every month, there is bleeding from the vagina when the lining of the womb sloughs off if the egg released from the ovary is not met with the sperm (the male unit of fertility). This is called as MENSTRUAL PERIOD or period.

It is usually scheduled after every 21 to 35 days, lasting for 2 to 7 days.

There are certain important things to be known about the period.

1. The LENGTH.

It is the number of days from one cycle to another counted from the first day of bleeding. Any length from 21 to 35 days are considered normal.


Classically, it is about 20 to 60 ml(as written in the textbooks), but this measure is of no value for the household women; so practically it is something about 3 to 4 pads soaked per day. Remember not oversoaked.


The blood is usually bright red to light red in color.


But what is important is that the parameters for regular periods written above do not fit for all females. Rather, every woman should make a note of their own cycle, its length, flow every month and anything considered aberrant from this is taken as abnormal for that women.


For a regular cycle, experts usually take the length of the cycle alone as the parameter for the regularity. Accordingly the cycle is said to be regular if it falls on the same date only with the variation of 1-3 days. So if somebody is experiencing vaginal bleeding apart from the expected periods than it may be due to some abnormality. After excluding pregnancy and menopause, there are no other normal happening which causes the periods to be irregular, missed or delayed.


The normal menstrual cycle is governed by the levels of sex hormones which are under the control of the brain, ovaries, thyroid and other glands. Any factor disturbing the state of hormonal health will have an effect on the menstrual cycle, causing bleeding between the periods, before the periods and after the periods.



Any bleeding that occurs for one or more days before the recognized menstrual periods on the regular basis.

Endometriosis (a clinical condition associated with painful,shorter cycles)


Oral contraceptives.


Irregular episodes of bleeding that occur in otherwise fairly normal menstrual periods.

Polyp (small fleshy lumps that occur at the neck of the womb or in the cavity).

Any infection or growth in the lining of the womb.

Due to certain medicines. (contraceptives,anticoagulants,antidepressants) etc


Spotting that occurs after the menses due to:

Old blood



Other lifestyle causes that are responsible for the missed periods/irregular bleeding are:



Excessive EXERCISE,

Frequent Travelling,

Thyroid Disorders,



Besides the symptoms of the underlying disease, the heartache and inconvenience that is caused by irregular episodes of bleeding are grave. The embarrassment that follows due to the unpredictability of the bleeding requires intense hygienic measures and doubling of the protection to prevent any leaky episode.

The delay in the cycle due to the reasons other than the pregnancy bring disappointment to the couples who have taken their missed period as a sign of pregnancy making them heart broken. Having a regular painless or moderately painful period is the hallmark of balanced hormonal and reproductive system. But most irregular periods are not at all dangerous and can be easily controlled. The best option is to visit your gynecologist if the issue persists.

The decision to fast or not to fast depends on individual history and the risk factors affecting the females but make sure that Ramadan is not only about FASTING but also about purification of your soul. Make this Ramadan the turning point of your life for success in both lives.

Happy Ramadan !

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  • Mina


    I have been have been bleeding irregularly right before the start of Ramadan most likely due the IUD that I received. Now that it is Ramadan, I have no idea if I should be fasting or not. I have been bleeding for about 3 weeks so far so began fasting after the 10th day of bleeding. Some days it is alot and some days not as much but still have not had any signs of stopping. I have contacted my doctor, and she recommends ibuprofen therapy to stop the irregular bleeding but since its Ramadan, I am hesitant because that requires ibuprofen every couple hours. Should i do it or should I just wait it out? Your advice would greatly be appreciated.



    • Haya

      My bleeding is irregular due to PCO. Sometimes, it used to last for a month. Unknowingly I’ve missed several prayers. Then I learnt the difference between spotting and periods.

      Haiz (periods) means flow. Unless there is a flow, one has to pray. Even if there is continuos heavy bleeding, one is exempted from praying for a maximum of TEN days (there is some difference of opinion, but this is stressed on Islamqa).

      One who is praying during spotting has to make fresh ablution for each salah (after Azan do Audi and pray your cars and nafil).

      Or- she may opt to take a ghusal and pray two salah together (zuhr and asr; Magrib and esha).

      I prefer the first option.

      Leaving salah completely will only make it worst. Ever since I started praying during spotting my monthly cycle improved.


      • Haya Newleaf

        Correction: after azan do wudu (ablution) and pray faraz (obligatory prayer) and nafil (optional prayer)

  • myda tahir

    Asalamoalikum Meena,
    thanks for approaching dear, May Allah have mercy on u.
    The abnormal bleeding after the iud insertion is not so much to worry about, but the question is Have u placed the IUCD after the Birth of the baby?????
    if it is so, then u need to have the imaging (u/s) done to rule out any RPO’s(retained products of conception).
    About the medication plz refer to your physician and consult her about using Transamine 500 mg twice a day??? if she feels it is appropriate for u, then use it according to her prescription.
    I hope it helps.
    (plz take medications according to your consultant’s advice)

  • Ayesha

    Assalamu Alaikum. I am a 45 year old breast cancer survivor. Alhamdulillah. I had a lumpectomy almost 5 years back. I had heavy bleeding for 3 months once I started chemotherapy and then my menstruation completely stopped. However in August 2016, I started having bleeding sometimes blood, sometimes clots, sometimes throughout the day and sometimes once a day. I was so confused whether I could pray or not pray. None of the women I consulted were sure either. My helper is a hafiz and she has studied fiqh too. She advised me that I should stop praying for one week if my flow is less or 15 days if it is heavy and after 7 or 15 days, I can follow rules of isthihadah. This problem continued for a month and recurred again in February 2017. This time it was even more complicated. It started in spotting and I had excessive uncontrolled flow. I had a biopsy done and the bleeding continued almost for a month after the biopsy and removal of polyps. I followed the same rule of not praying for first 7 days and continued to pray after that.
    The problem has started now again after almost 5 months. The last time it happened both my gynaecologist and my oncologist advised me to go for uterus removal if the problem occurs again.
    However my question is about the prayers. I am very confused and always feel guilty if am missing prayers when I should not or praying when I should not. Could you please advise the right thing to do when I have these irregular periods? I was under forced menopause or chemopause not natural menopause. So there is likelihood of the menopause reversing too.

  • Shane williams

    Dr. Myda Tahir, I am suffering from health problem. i want to build my body stong. help me.what should i do

  • Laiyba razzaq

    I have been experiencing irregular bleeding (istihadha) since I started my periods. Now I am unable to distinguish between my menses and istihadha.
    I bleed twice a month, for example, i start bleeding at the 5th day of the month, it will last for 6-8 days, then I have a 7-12 day gap with no blood until it starts again. I know that one of these bloods are regarded as istihada, however, I cannot distinguish which one as both time the blood is of similar characteristics as what the menstural blood is described to be (dark, thick, with an unpleasant odour).
    I have been to the doctor and they keep telling me it’s normal and it will eventually get better, they have also recommended me contraceptive pills but i cannot take them.
    Can you please help me understand during which time i should not pray, fast and which is istihada.
    Now that Ramadan 2019 has started I am experiencing similar situation. I started bleeding on the 21/04/2019 – 29/04/2019 then I had a week of gap and today 06/05/2019 (first day of Ramadan) i have started bleeding again. Should i fast and pray?
    Laiyba razzaq recently posted…Day 1 Ramadan 2019 – SOMETHING TO PONDERMy Profile

    • admin

      Wa alaikum asalaam. It may be better if you speak to someone who is well versed in these a female scholar who has studied this.

  • Melissa Ewell

    Assalam alikom
    I’ve been talking more of the pill to stop my flow to fast all Ramadan. Two weeks after my period would have arrived I got some mild spotting bleeding. First it was bright red then brownish colors. Not enough blood to be a period. Am I still able to fast and pray or is This irregular since cane two weeks after my scheduled due to taking more of the pill

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