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Last night, I had an urge for the yummy Ice-cream Faluda (a mixture of ice-cream, vermicelli, red syrup, nuts and all), but the situation didn’t seem to be in my favour. As nobody was around to console my craving past midnight.

photo credit: Dhaka falooda via photopin (license)

photo credit: Dhaka falooda via photopin (license)

Everybody except me was snoozing.
This used to happen with me fortnightly and most of the time an hour later, I was finishing up, sipping the last bit of faluda mix, (Thanks Almighty). However this doesn’t seem to be happening lately so I began controlling my intention and start thinking on the other side of the fence (read Faluda craving), and practically said no to myself. After pondering over a bit I realized that this attitude was just lending me a few moments of joy but as it is over, I am back to the previous state, even the sweet taste of the faluda had turned bitter.

So actually
What is this?
Am I actually craving for happiness?
Am I getting lasting happiness from this?

Well, we all work for happiness and peace. We raise our family to be grateful and we live to squeeze happiness from our crazy schedule but not just the labile one, but everyone is looking for the happiness that is evergreen; the one that gives us internal contentment and lend our soul at eternal peace.
Over the years, writers and saints have looked for happiness and peace in the caves and on the mounds. Neuroscientists have fizzled over the hormonal side playing with the ups and downs of various hormones (OXYTOCIN, SEROTONIN, DOPAMINE). Modern day writers have offered many different theories on how to niche out happiness while living in the era of uncertainty. But the essence of their work comes out to a point that the source of eternal, everlasting, never dying happiness comes from the simple way of SHARING, offering some of  your Bounties to others and rescheduling your priorities for others without guilt. In return what you get is that what is most sought after. The HAPPINESS, Contentment, the rebouncing Feeling of Sustained Joy. Deep inside you know that doing these small deeds of Greatness, showing love through your words, opens the flow of Hearty Happiness.
It comes when you drop a nibble or leftover on the floor; a bird instantly picks it up bringing a toothless grin on your kid’s face, making you happier than ever.
When someone says to you” May God Reward You”, you instantly begin to feel rewarded in the core of your heart and your self-esteem pinnacles. It magnifies every time when you reflect back upon it, carving an everlasting mark of Happiness on your heart. Looking at your life from the other’s frame of reference, helping others by nurturing love, ever growing your task list by lending your time to listens to other’s worries so that you are living your life to the fullest. In fact by doing this you are developing your inner self, adding value to your life, to be more happier, more successful and more satisfied. Unleash some more happiness by following these tips.

Be Generous

Being generous with your words and with your actions doesn’t cause you a fortune, but the lightening face, the thankful glance will become a source of constant joy and Happiness. In the long run you will be treated in the same way.

Express Gratitude

Showing interest, likeness, concern every time someone does a bit for you can brighten up someone’s life, and surely you will enjoy the reflection also. Always appreciating others needs courage but the fruits of this habit remain evergreen.

Be Open Minded

Being open minded and positive, believing what is said is correct and is the truth will always allow you to breath with goodness. You will be enjoying more energy and cheers in your interaction.


Although in this era of ready-made products, cooking is not an art which is difficult to master. So this is the easy way to share Happiness. Untangling the nerves in busy day by just offering a hot cup of tea/coffee will surely boost your life with cheers.


So what are you waiting for?
Get up to cheer yourself, enjoy the lasting contentment and unleash the Happiness in your life.

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  • Claudia Blanton

    I am also a very big advocate of gratitude – one of the most important habits anyone can establish to make their live a happier one. Great post! Blessings!

  • Ashley

    Cooking really is such a therapeutic way to unleash happiness. I’m not a huge cook at home (I work nights) but at work I prepare a lot of the homemade dishes and I have to say, it’s so relaxing and fun!! I also find my dogs bring great happiness to my life too 🙂

  • Meg @EveryMomDay

    I am going to pin this – it’s a message I need to be reminded of occasionally. <3

  • Amanda | Maple Alps

    These are all great ways to unlock happiness. It’s so much easier than one might think!

  • Hil

    Expressing gratitude and being thankful for what you have is a great way to remind you of how lucky you are and make you super happy!

  • Rabia S.

    I remember my single times- I was too lazy to cook properly for myself (although I am a good cook). It was an incredible joy when I started to prepare healthy meals only for myself. And if you take your times, you won’t feel as hungry as you are when you have the ‘craving attacks’.. For gratitude, I trained myself the following way: when going to work, I had to find within the first minutes sitting in the public transport something I could feel for grateful. ‘Oh, today it was easy to get a seat and it’s not crowded!’, ‘The mild wind shows the beginning of sping’ and so on. Nevertheless, little cravings sometimes are completly ok. When I started reading the article, I also wanted Faluda. It sounds great 🙂
    Rabia S. recently posted…Rabia’s review- Dating websites (2): Love Habibi- Haram wolf in sheep’s clothingMy Profile

  • Zainab Dokrat

    Beautiful post mashallah 🙂 All these do make one happy, in the most purist of ways..Also Quraan and prayer also makes the heart happy. May Allah grant us all happiness and keep our heart at easy insha-Allah 🙂 ( and

  • Fatima Ali

    Give me THIS falooda please! It looks so delicious. I really miss having the Pakistani Falooda.
    Do you think cooking makes you happy? I am never too keen to cook, it doesn’t make me much happy! 😛

    Fatima |

  • Waseema Abdool Khader

    A very uplifting post! We are often stuck in our day to day work, running errands, so on and so forth…we forget to ask ourselves are we happy and if what we are doing is bringing us closer to that very special truly fulfilling happiness you speak of. Your strategies to happiness are dead on! Simple and effective and going up on my wall!…my happy strategy also involves most things creative and Zikr…Zikr is food for the weary soul and joy for the heart!

  • aiman

    Great Post! I’ve been reading a lot lately on these Gratitude kind of posts. ( really think that’s something missing in most of our lives these days.

  • Sainab

    Such wonderful advice and definitely ways of becoming happy. And yes I can definitely relate to sharing as it really does make me happy 🙂 .

  • Hina Nafe

    I think something went wrong and my earlier comment got lost 🙁
    Anyways just wanted to thank you for a beautiful post. I had forgotten about all these little and nice things esp being thankful

  • Amina

    The simplest things in life bring the most happiness – the things we ignore or overlook in our busy lives.

    Helping and supporting others is a big one for me. I love doing it time and time again; the feeling is unexplainable.

    Thank you for the reminders.

  • ayeina

    Helping/being good to others truly does make one genuinely happy ^_^

  • Iman

    Expressing gratitude and making a conscious effort to remind yourself of what you are grateful for on a daily basis has to be one of the key things to self-fulfillment and just being happy and content with your life overall. I also love your suggestion about being open-minded.

  • Fozia S

    I have to say I am not convinced cooking would make me happy! I do it because I have to..not because I enjoy it lol

    Some good advice! Thanks for sharing and joining our team of writers
    Fozia S recently posted…Islamic Crafts – Sadaqah JarMy Profile

  • Rubina

    Truly, happiness is found when we practice the teachings of the Prophet saws. And yes, especially gratitude- appreciating what you have makes one feel content and at peace, thus leading to happiness 🙂

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