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Yeah, this is a free ticket towards a luxurious package with all the luxuries which you have never imagined of. This is beyond star class and I can’t figure out the exact words to string together all the luxuries available. Am not sure whether we’ll be receiving the free tickets but pretty sure we are distributing free tickets to the people around us. Hey! What are you talking about? Are you conscious? If you are asking me this, you won’t ask me again after reading the following.

Habits are habits; unless we try to change inappropriate ones to good ones, the old habits will remain the same. Certain of our old habits will remain the same, unless we change them. However much we may increase our ibadat, prayers, recitations, duas, sadaqah etc but one habit will transfer all our merits earned to another person’s account. What’s that habit? That is, talking about someone in his absence. Thus, we are helping him gain more merits and his free ticket is also being arranged. Where to? To JANNAH, obviously.

The more we talk about him gleefully, the more the chances of him receiving this free ticket. Why do we talk behind someone’s back? Is it necessary? Will it bring us any benefit? Ponder….ponder…ponder…

Please, don’t just sit there and talk about others/backbite/slander. It’s not going to bring us anything. Abu Hurairah(ral) reported: Allah’s Messenger(PBUH) said, “ Do you know what is backbiting?” The companions said, “Allah and his messenger knows better” Thereupon he said, “ Backbiting is talking about your brother in a manner which he dislikes.” It was said to him, “ What if my brother is as I say” He said, “ If he is actually as you say, then that is backbiting; but if that is not in him, that is slandering” (Muslim)

The above hadith gives us a clear picture of the difference between backbiting and slandering. Whether it be backbiting or slandering, both are not welcome.

Any person would not be happy if he’s being disgraced in his absence. If I do not like to be disgraced, then I should have this very attitude towards my fellow sisters and brothers as well.

It’s true that most of us find extreme pleasure in talking about others. Some are in the forefront to transfer juicy details among friends and relatives. Don’t you think it is better to focus on the eternal satisfaction rather than on the mere satisfaction that we are going to gain by talking unnecessarily?

But there are some instances where backbiting is permitted.

  1. One for instance is, if someone inquires us regarding a marriage proposal, then there is no harm in pointing out the good and the bad qualities of that person unless we don’t exaggerate and slander.
  2. Secondly, if we are in a court of law in front of a judge, then there is no harm in giving our statements against the one who wronged us. This is a situation where we are trying to gain our rights lawfully.
  3. Another situation arises where we got to obtain a solution to something disturbing us regarding a situation which involves a particular person. Seeking the help of the scholar or a known person paves us to describe the situation and what that person has done to us. So the situation can be revealed with a pure intention of obtaining a solution.
  4. Fourth comes an instance where we got to correct someone who is being misled. If we can’t tackle this alone in directing him, then we can seek help from a trustworthy person. This should be done if we have the sole intention of guiding him without spoiling his/her dignity. This also should not involve slandering or backbiting after we accomplished what we intend to do.

These are some of the instances that was permitted. Other than that when we are with someone or with many people, we can involve in useful talks. Aren’t there anything to begin with? Whatever topic it may be based on, it is we who should decide on whether we intend to backbite or slander.

Even if someone talks to you about a person, never talk along with him and earn sins and never come to a decision about him too soon. Because the person who talked to you might have slandered him and that will lead you to misunderstanding, may Allah Ta’ala protect us.

So would you love to issue free tickets to your friends and relatives? Let us be the first to change and then we can change the world. It should start from me and you. We have to quit backbiting and slandering. We will feel the difference. Our heart would be relaxed and our mind would be free of unnecessary things. Allah would keep us content.

Therefore, in the days to come, let us In Shaa Allah switch on to what is preferable rather than on what is prohibited.

Abu Darda (ral) said, The Prophet (pbuh) said, “He who defends the honour of his brother, Allah will secure his face against the fire on the day of resurrection”. ( At- Tirmidhi)

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