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Assalamoalaikum lovelies hope you all are fine.

So today’s post is about some yumilicious organic lip and face scrub as these days organic skin care products are high in demand and without any second thought they are good as compared to the products having high amount of chemicals. If you can make them yourself it is better as there can be problems when you purchase products.

One of the problems is that if the page is not authentic you will order products with your hard earned money and they will not have any effect at all or have an adverse effect on your skin. Therefore your money will go down the drain! The second problem is that if the page is authentic their products are likely to be way too expensive. Of course they are charging fairly as they have good products but everyone can’t afford them. I was searching through my FB account and found out that organic sugar scrubs’ prices are around 500 Rs/- with quantity of 50-60 gm in each container!

So here is the recipe of DIY sugar scrub.


1 table spoon brown sugar

1 table spoon white sugar

½ table spoon almond oil

½ table spoon honey 1-2 drops of vanilla essence or any essence (optional)

Mix all the ingredients and put in an airtight container.

Store in the refrigerator.

Sugar scrub

Take the amount as required and exfoliate your desired area and wash with tap water. Apply lip balm or moisturizer of your choice.

Benefits: It will remove the dirt from your pores and also the black heads and white heads. Apply it twice a week.

It will not have any harmful effects unless you are allergic to above listed ingredients.

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