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In the name of Allah, the most Gracious, the most Merciful


We have made it to day 12 of Ramadan, just entering the second third of the month- the days of forgiveness. We’re almost midway through Ramadan, we’re focused on making lots of istighfar these days and increasing our ibadah as we grow nearer to the end of this blessed month.

While Ramadan is a time to really dig our heels in and focus on building our relationship with Allah, it is also a month in which we are able to strengthen our bonds with our loved ones. It is a time of joy and celebration. While we are focusing on making the most of this month, we’re also anticipating the Eid!

As it grows closer and closer, we start finalizing our plans if we haven’t already done that. Although it’s great if you are able to plan as much ahead as possible before Ramadan, it is likely that you’ll have to at least wrap up some loose ends and make some confirmations in the weeks of Ramadan. Another thing we are likely thinking of right now is EID GIFTS!

Finding a great gift can be a struggle for the best of us! If you are still looking for Eid gift ideas for your loved one’s, I’m here to help!  The idea behind this post is to provide a foundation for choosing the perfect gift for EVERYONE in your family! So without further ado, here are 5 ideas for selecting the perfect gift:

1. Choose something practical.
Giving someone something that they need doesn’t have to be boring! As we get older, we tend to be able to appreciate practical gifts more but this can work for children too. The key here is presentation! You want to demonstrate the thoughtfulness that went into your gift selection.  For example, if you want to give your husband socks as a gift, you can make sure that you get a brand that he really likes, make sure that you choose the fit that is his favorite and of course make sure the style/color will be something that he will love to wear. Or another example, if you want to give your child a backpack as a gift, you can make sure that it is their favorite color and/or character and you can also choose accessories that your child will appreciate and that will be suitable to their specific needs.

2. Make it something educational.
Depending on the age and interests of the person you are getting a gift for, an educational gift could mean so many different things. Books or a course/class are probably the top things that come to mind when you think of this kind of gift but even cooking utensils, certain toys, and building tools could be considered educational. No matter what the specifics are, when you give a gift of knowledge, you are providing an opportunity for growth and expanding your loved one’s horizons. You can either choose something you know they are interested in or you could even suggest a brand new topic.

3. Give the gift of experience.
Experiences may go by pretty quickly and you can’t exactly hold or store them but they will become memories that live on for a lifetime. Experiences are perfect gifts when you’re not really trying to add more ‘things’ to your home or you simply can’t think of anything that the gift receiver might truly want. You have a lot of customization options available depending on your budget and capabilities. It could be a one-time experience or even an annual pass to someplace fun, it could be local or a travel opportunity, and much more. You can really be creative and have fun with this gift idea!

4. DIY a perfect gift.
Along with practical gifts, making a gift for a loved one can be kind of daunting! You want to make sure it is well-made and you want your family member to absolutely love whatever you give them. Oftentimes when we hear DIY gifts, we might think of a card or something like that but we have to be willing to really let our minds wander a bit and think outside of the box. DIY could be a homemade treat, it could be a knitted sweater, or even a hand carved figurine. The key to the perfect DIY gift is taking the time to discover the sweet spot where your talents meet with the interests of the person you are making a gift.

5. Fulfil a special request.
Unless you don’t mind your gift not being a surprise, this will take a bit of advanced planning, some investigative skills and a little note taking. In order to get someone a requested gift and still let it be a surprise, you’ll need to ask the person directly, for some ideas of things they might like to receive as a gift. In this case, you’d have a few ideas and you can choose from your list. Another way to go about this, is just to keep a running note on things the person may have mentioned over the past couple months that they have seemed to be really interested in or have asked for. This is even more of a surprise and you’ll still wind up giving a gift that you know for sure your loved one will enjoy!

Whatever you decide on, I’m sure it will be the perfect gift! Remember, while it is important to put some thought into your gift selection, don’t stress over it. I hope these 5 ideas have helped give you some inspiration…and I pray that you and your loved ones have a beautiful Ramadan and a cheerful Eid!

P.S If you have a toddler and you’re looking for more specific ideas for awesome Eid gifts, I have put together an Eid gift guide for toddlers, containing 50 gift ideas that are perfect for your 1-3 year old!

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Alexandria is a millennial Muslimah, trying to be a good wife, homemaker and mama to her busy baby boy. On her blog, Nourishing Our Home, she shares all about marriage, motherhood, homemaking and natural living with an Islamic perspective. 

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