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We have approached mid Ramadan. Every year we welcome Ramadan with great hopes and zeal. We have a list of righteous deeds we wish to do. Establishing voluntary prayers on time; reciting Quran; praying night prayers; reciting morning and evening supplication; offering involuntary (nafil) prayers; keeping away from tv and social media; we did all this and more with ease. Hurray! We may have surprised ourselves by outdoing what we planned to do. 

Honestly, on the 10th day of Ramadan are you still feeling the same zeal? Are you still able to continue at the same phase? May be not. I see myself reading fewer pages of Quran; praying fewer involuntary prayers; reciting shorter chapters in salah; and spending more time on other things. I guess, we are all conscious of this slump. We feel sad that we are not doing our best. The good news is, this guilt may push us to give our best to the last 10 days of Ramadan! DO NOT COMPLETELY ABANDON YOUR RAMADAN ROUTINE. Pray with ease. 

What are your temptations? What do you like to do? Would like to turn your thoughts and interests into good deeds? Would you like to turn these days into ‘Iman’ propellers for the last ten days? Here are some of the tips:


The current situation of the world is unlike anything we’ve seen before. Though we may be locked up in a room, we cannot save ourselves from the global crisis. Obviously, we want to know what is happening around us. Don’t get too engrossed with the news channels. Don’t be glued to the television waiting for the latest updates. Limit your quest for the latest news. Things which are happening are beyond our control. Remember, ALLAH IS THE CONTROLLER OF OUR LIFE AND THERE CAN BE NO BETTER MASTER. All we need to do is to submit to Him and rectify our affairs.  Pray to Him and seek His help.

‏Whenever you come across any upsetting news, pray for Allah’s help to reach the one who is wronged or hospitalized. Instead of praying against the oppressors, pray for their guidance and change in their attitude.  

There are many of us who wish to do more but are unable to do so. May Allah bless us with a heart which is eager to help those in need before He tests us with abundant wealth and time. Ameen.

Checking Contact list

Does praying involuntary prayers appear heavy? Sometimes taking a break between salah (prayers) could help us to pray with ease. During the break, scroll through the contact list in your mobile. Pray for each and every one in the list. 

May Allah bless them for the kindness they have shown you. May Allah overlook their shortcomings and guide them. 

Well, in a way you’ll be praying for yourself.  We’ll also see our heart soften towards others. You may realize that you’ve lost touch with someone who has been very good to you. Send them a text message. Insha Allah, this could improve the relation.

(Warning: Avoid sending any message after Esha prayer.)


Scrolling through the contact list may kindle some old memories. When you are reminded of someone’s kindness or good deed, pray for them, praise Allah for such blessings and ask Allah to make you kind and generous like them. May Allah bless us with opportunities to do such righteous deeds.

On other hand we may remember something painful. Pray for patience and a heart to forgive others. Remember to say Inna lillahi wa Inna lillahi rajeoon – EVERYTHING BELONGS TO ALLAH AND TO HIM IS THE RETURN. Insha Allah, every time we say this on remembering something unpleasant from the past, we’ll rewarded for what we endured patiently. 


The contact list or old messages may remind us of our dear ones who have departed from this world. May Allah forgive them and grant them high levels of paradise. Pray for them. 

We all know someone young and healthy who was suddenly afflicted with a terminal illness or lost his/her life in an accident. May we be reminded to make most of each day. May we not postpone worship for old age.

And we also come across those who were bedridden for a long period before they died. My dear grandma departed the world few months back. She had been very kind to me and had a big hand in my upbringing. She remained bedridden for nearly two years. It was very painful to watch her suffer. May Allah reward her for her patience and grant her Paradise. May we make most of our health and youth. 

It was overwhelming to see my mom take care of my grandma. Never did I hear her say that it was difficult.  It increased my love and respect for her. May we learn to be humble and caring to those around us. May we not waste our good deeds by being boastful.

No matter what we conquer here we’ll have to leave it in this world. Why should we struggle in vain for name and pride? May pleasing Allah be our highest concern. Yah Allah, help us remain firm on your path. May we do things which benefit us after our death. Ameen. 

Book and lectures

If you are craving to read something other than Quran then read a book or article which helps you turn back to Quran!  Apart from hadith and books of tafsir I really enjoyed reading the book “Enjoy your life”. I read it during Ramadan!

How about reading hadiths about what happens to us after death? As we read, we would find ourselves praying for our self and those have departed us. 

Stories about the prophets and companions of prophet could serve as our “Iman” boosters.

No more what you are interested in, you’ll find in Quran.  You may opt to listen to a trust worthy scholar speak about “science and Quran” or “Jinn and human sickness”.

Listening to Quran

Do you find it difficult to recite Quran? How about listening to the recitation of small chapters which you know? There are several Quran sites and apps.  Listen to slow reciters like Ayman Sowaid, Abdullah Basfer or al Husari. Listen to different reciters recite the same surah. Insha Allah, you’ll be tempted to listen and recite more.

If you could read Quran with ease, listen to a new verse or chapter of Quran. Listen to it until you are confident enough to recite it in the prayer. Insha Allah this will improve one’s recitation and induce one to memorize verses of Quran.

Helping others

Some of us may be addicted to social media, soap opera or gaming. Keeping oneself busy can help one from being tempted back to such addictions. Keep physically active. Cook or help others with the chores. As you work do simple zikr (Remember Allah). Insha Allah, this will get us reward for helping others.

I hope that you find these tips helpful. I would like to know what you do to overcome the mid Ramadan slump. Please leave your suggestions in the comment section.

May we do our best this Ramadan and may we be blessed with many more Ramadan. May Allah accept our deeds and help us do more righteous deeds with ease. May doors of His mercy always remain open for us. Ameen.

Author Bio

Haya Newleaf, blogs at 1NEWLEAF ( ) with the sole intention to please Allah. She is a qualified computer science engineer who opted to be a homemaker. She has completed the Taaleem al Quran course. Currently, she is struggling to improve her recitation and memorize Quran. She is blessed with two adorable sons who help her in her journey and motivate her to do better. 😊
Quran is her strength. She hopes that her articles help readers taste the sweetness of Islam. May Allah make her articles sadqa a zariya for her. Ameen.

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