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    Buy Generic Adipex Online

    Buy Zolpidem Cr Online / Buy Phentermine 37.5 White Blue Specks / Ramadan Day 24 – A Journey of Self Discovery

    During this holy month when the Satan is chained and our bad habits and sinning addictions are brought into the fore, the atrociousness of our nafs is exposed.

    We are stripped down to our core and our mind and body toil to realign to the purpose that they were created for. We attempt to reconcile with Allah like never before, like it was originally meant to be to and like it will be on the Day of Judgment when all veils will be lifted in sha Allah. So profound and intimate is this connection, this feeling of belonging but also so overwhelming are these bad habits that we have accrued over the years.

    We hold on to the tattered remnants of piety and attempt to mend the fabric of Imaan through our menial good deeds, struggle to fire up the innate goodness and heal our broken hearts while this blessed period lasts.

    We go into a state of denial and ponder on how far we have strayed?

    On whether we will be able to restore our faith?

    We wish that we had fixed this a little sooner, retrieved those sparks of righteousness and payed heed to the voice of our conscience a tad earlier.

    We yearn for this renewed link to last a little longer and strive willfully to repress our wanton desires.

    We put on our best smiles and bring out our noblest avatars with the sole intention of pleasing our Creator.

    Such is the mercy of this month that all superfluity and intrinsic selfishness are shattered. Our primordial tendency to acquire is overpowered by the virtue of selfless giving. It’s the time when blatant disregard, judgments and crudeness are replaced with respect, empathy and civility.

    And suddenly by Allah’s grace, just like that we see the world around us transform into a more positive place. A modern utopia of sorts is created wherein everyone indulges in good deeds and promotes only the good. So, as we bask in this season of goodness, let us rediscover our faith and immerse ourselves in His infinite mercy. 

    For we have nothing to lose but only to gain by surrendering our will to the Almighty.

    Author Bio

    Nazia Sharieff is a techie, a writer by passion and a blessed mum of two kids. Outside of her work, Nazia is deeply passionate about empowering women and has always wanted to make a meaningful contribution to support     and elevate Muslim women. She inspires and helps bring together like minded women at MINA – MuslimahInspirationalNetworkforAll, to learn more  visit-Order Alprazolam.

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