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    Phentermine To Order

    Bucket list – a list of goals that a person wishes to accomplish before they die.

    Islamic bucket list – basically the same thing except all of those goals are connected to Islam in some way.

    How did this idea come about? Well, I was writing a blog post about a normal bucket list and once I’d looked it over I realized that not one of these goals could, in any way, bring me closer to Jannah. And that just seemed very wrong to me. I thought about amending my original bucket list but then I changed my mind. How would I rank going for Hajj in relation to learning how to ice skate?

    Instead, I made an Islamic bucket list. It’s not a hugely long list. In fact, it only has 5 items on it right now. They are (in the order that I thought of them):

    • Go for Umrah and Hajj
    • Learn Arabic
    • Wear the Niqaab
    • Memorize the Quran
    • Deliberately perform a good deed each day

    Now, these are all things that I knew I wanted to do eventually In Shaa Allah. But, for some reason, grouping them together and making a proper list made me feel a bit more motivated and spurred me on to do some actual planning. I have my list in my journal – I see it every day and whenever I look at it, it pushes me a little bit harder to try and get those goals accomplished.

    Now, since I like to make life interesting, all of the goals on my Islamic bucket list, bar one, are fairly involved. None of those things can be accomplished in a day and that’s part of what I like about them. I will have to put some dedicated, consistent effort into saving for Umrah and Hajj. I will have to go for lessons to memorize the Quran and other lessons to learn Arabic. And because of that, I will be stepping closer to Allah on every day that I try to do something on my bucket list.

    That list of mine is nowhere near complete – I’m sure that I’ll find myself adding to it as time goes by. So Muslimahs, what will you put on your own Islamic bucket lists? Remember, no goal is too small as long as it is something you wish to do for the sake of Allah.

    Phentermine To Order

    Neymat Raboobee is a South African author, editor, and cat lover. She writes about issues she's been witness to in the community she grew up and still resides in and is passionate about teaching through fiction and writing the stories that people don't like to talk about.

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