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Assalam Alikum, Glad to see you back. May Allah reward you for your zeal to attain His Pleasure. Ameen.† Our entire life is at His service. Our worship and obedience is not limited to Ramadan. Are you ready for Iman style changes (In case you have missed please read the previous post by clicking on the link)? Letís work upon three ĎNí in our life to nourish our Iman (Belief). †These are NIYYATH, NAIMATH†and NADAMATH.


Niyyath Ė Intention

Intention is the basic requirement for acceptance of deeds by Allah SWT. Donít mix acts of piety with other things. Do only for the sake of Allah. Check yourself, avoid show off. Your class mates or colleagues donít need to know you had been praying all night or give a large amount† in zakat – unless, you say so to inspire your friends too. We can reap the reward for inspiring. Only Allah knows your true intention.

With right intent even daily chores can be banked as good deeds! Donít just go to the market to buy groceries, go seeking Allahís fadal(bounty) and assistance to nourish your family. Remember to thank Allah too.

With improper niyyath even acts of worship would be lost; and with proper niyyath simple chores can turn into ibadah.


Naimath Ė Blessing

New leaf1

Appreciate the things you are blessed with and utilize them in way of Allah.

Narrated Ibn `Abbas: The Prophet (salallahu alayhi wasalam) said, “There are two blessings which many people lose: (They are) Health and free time for doing good. ” (Sahih al-Bukhari)

Donít waste your precious time and provisions; utilize them in the way of Allah. Allocate time to memorize Quran. Fill your smartphones with Islamic apps. Install love of Islam into your young oneís heart. Share with your spouse what you learnt from tafseer. Visit your relatives and gift them Islamic books. Prepare meal for your sick neighbor. Write an article against injustice for your local paper. Grab every opportunities to win Allahís love.

Multi task: when you are doing manual work donít let your mind wander. Listen to Siera of prophet or memorized portion of Quran as you cook or stitch. Utilize the time spent driving in car. While waiting in queue avoid frustration by doing zikr.

New Leaf 2

Learn small duas and make it part of life. Add small acts of sunnah into your life. For instance, while wearing clothes start with right; Use Mishwak.


We are humans and are imperfect. There could be things we have done we shouldnít be doing. We have to work over them.† Recognize deeds which could be reason for Regret on Day of resurrection.

New Leaf 3

Abdullah ibn Masíud reported: The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said, ďBeware of minor sins. Verily, they gather upon a man until he is destroyed.Ē† (Musnad Ahmad)

  • When there is an urge to sin, substitute it with a better alternative. Curb cravings for music by listening to Nasheed. Try sauna to avoid smoking.
  • Are you unable to overcome your addiction. Repent ask for Allahís help and fix a punishment. If addicted to porn fast. Couldnít save tongue from gossip Ė give a fixed amount in charity.
  • If still addicted, increase your punishment. Increase the amount fixed for charity. Give away gadgets causing you to sin.

New leaf 4

Insha Allah, with such minor changes we can see more blessings in our life. What are we waiting for? Allah SWT is there to guide us along. Most difficult part is – Taking the very first step. Itís time to begin working on what really benefits us Ė Our iman. Letís take step together.

New Leaf 5

Dear readers, feel free to share your suggestions for improvement. In Ramadan we had set targets like reading entire quran, praying Taraweeh, Itikaaf. How about setting targets in other months too?!! †Insha Allah, my next post ďA month with lightĒ is all about a target which inspired me to write this post. Please join me in this journey.

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  • Ayesha Desai

    I like the idea of setting constant goals, not just in Ramadaan.
    “Seek knowledge from the cradle to the grave” It reminded me that there is always room for improvement and for constant growth, InShaAllah

  • Sara Essop

    Inspiring post. May Allah keep us on the right path.
    Sara Essop recently posted…11 Ways To Travel Without Breaking The BankMy Profile

    • Haya


  • BritDeshiMummy

    Beautiful post! This Ramadan was very different for me as it was my first Ramadan as a mummy. In regards to my goals I had to have a re-think as I couldn’t dedicate as much time to prayer and supplication as previous Ramadan months. But I had to learn to make time.
    BritDeshiMummy recently posted…Choosing a name for your blog: Why BritDeshiMummy ?My Profile

    • Haya

      Thanks. I’m a mom of toddlar too. I know what it’s like. I am eager to see my kids grow. yep, Neither did I attend congregation nor did I perform itikaf, yet I stole moments to make most out of them. I am sure you too would have made most of your free time. I every Ramadan in our life is better than previous one.
      Haya recently posted…New Themes: Libretto, Lovecraft, and PublicationMy Profile

  • CreativeKhadija

    MashaAllah, very nice, I specially like the photographs, did you capture these yourself?
    CreativeKhadija recently posted…How to organize cords-cables with TP rollMy Profile

    • Haya

      I am glad you asked. <3
      No. I searched for free wallpapers; downloaded, croped and wrote hadith on them. First pic on intention is my favourite one. It appears as though thehumble budding sprout is in "Rukku" position. Indeed, everything submits to Allah.

      You could find snaps I took and pics I drew in my old posts. – my son coloured this one. ūüôā

  • Foz

    People find it so easy to fall back into bad habits after Ramadan. Setting constant goals is a good idea.

    JazakAllah Khair for an excellent article
    Foz recently posted…Day out to Chessington World of AdventuresMy Profile

    • Haya

      Yes. We are imperfect. ūüôĀ

      Alhamdhulilah. Allah is oft- forgiving.

  • Sal?m in Wonderland

    Such a great reminder. Love the practical tips you shared.
    Sal?m in Wonderland recently posted…The Warrior’s Wedding (Call Me Clingy)My Profile

    • Haya

      Thanks for your kind words.

  • Zuhkey

    Also, try to implement more sunnah in your life. The more we get closer to Prophet Muhammad (SAW) the more we get closer to Allah ūüôā
    My family love to perform even the smallest sunnah acts, alhamdulillah. Great post Jazakillah khair sis !! x

    • Haya

      Dear sister, Thanks a lot for throwing focus on sunnah. xx
      Alhamdhulilah! You are a part of a blessed family that follows sunnah. I hope every muslim home is keen at following sunnah.
      Jazak Allahul khair for stopping by. ūüėÄ

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