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It was narrated from Abu Hurairah that the Messenger of Allah said:

“When the month of Ramadan begins, the gates of Paradise are opened…”

(Sunan an-Nasa’i 2097)

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Ramadan is a perfect month to introduce the concept of Jannah to the kids. Last Ramadan I did “a Jannah Hadith/Verse a day” with my kids. They enjoyed it so much that now we do our Jannah discussions every night. It has brought so many positive changes in their lives more than any kind of punishment or threats that I try to never leave this ritual even when I’m bone-tired. I pray the following helps you start this ritual with your kids too this Ramadan (which will in shaa Allah become their lifetime positive motivational tool). 

We talked about sight, sound, smell, taste & touch/feelings while keeping Jannah as our core message.

Ramadan is almost here and fasting isn’t just about leaving food, but about involvement of all of our five senses. We see no evil, hear/speak no evil, we control our taste buds from Fajr till Maghrib and we direct our feelings (our souls) towards Allah. 

1) SIGHT (visual pleasures of Jannah)

For the first week (6 days basically), we focused on things we would get to see in Jannah through beautiful ahadith that describe golden butterflies and horse with wings of ruby in Jannah. I used to then ask them what they would like to see in Jannah. 

Picture Credits @mamateachesme (Instagram)

2) SOUND (beautiful sounds of Jannah)

For the second week, we focused on things we would get to hear in Jannah through amazing ahadith that describe the sound of Allah and what will He say to the people of Paradise and the magnificent Angels congratulating the believers in Jannah for being successful in aakhirah. After that, I used to ask them what they would like to hear in Jannah. 

3) SMELL (scents of Jannah)

For the third week, we focused on things we would get to smell in Jannah through imaginative ahadith that describe the scented earth beneath our feet and the friday market of Jannah – the fragrant breeze of which will make us more beautiful. I used to then ask them what they would like to small in Jannah. 

Picture Credits @fbdblog (Instagram)

4) TASTE (foods and drinks of Jannah)

For the fourth week, we focused on things we would get to taste in Jannah through delicious-sounding ahadith that describe salsabeel and kawthar. This section was probably kids’ favourite because of all the sweets they can eat without worrying about tooth decay or tummy aches. Because whenever I asked them what they would like to taste in Jannah, anything sweet was top in the list. 

5) TOUCH (physical feelings and emotional pleasures of Jannah)

For the final week, we focused on things we would get to touch in Jannah and the feelings that we will experience in shaa Allah. We explored the special ahadith that describe the softest silk (after which we also discussed the story of a companion who was promised the softest silk napkins in Jannah). We also explored feelings in this world vs the feelings in Jannah – for eg: the undying ecstasy. This section had the most interesting answers from the kids when I asked them what they would like to touch/feel in Jannah. 

Benefits of Jannah Discussion in Ramadan and beyond in shaa Allah:

• It will increase love of Allah and Islam in general when there is positive reinforcement involved.

• Knowledge of your child’s deepest desires that are not bound by the limits of this world. 

• Ability to reflect and imagine through Jannah verses and ahadith.

• Bonding through discussions of Jannah. 

• Expanding children’s imagination and creativity by engaging their 5 senses.

• Better knowledge of 5 human senses through knowledge of how they work in this world

• Mindfulness

Physical – being aware of their senses, emotional – awareness of their feelings and how it impacts them and people around them.

Spiritual – instilling ihsan in everything they do because they have something tangible to achieve in aakhirah.

May we be able to benefit from this blessed month and may Allah grant us all Jannah tul Firdaus.


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