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As the month of Ramadan approaches, we plan our days carefully alhamdulilah. With the fasting mode ON, our thoughts go to the lovely special prayers called the Taraweeh. As we are in day 14 today, we already would have planned our Taraweeh setup when we have kids at home. But as the last 10 days approach we might want to concentrate more on Taraweeh and the excitement we have on the month of Ramadan; we will make sure we don’t miss any Taraweeh prayers! As a mommy of the toddler we might want help to pray in ease. So, these are our tips which we have come across in the earlier Ramadan and felt it might help you all to plan accordingly in shaa allah

Taraweeh is technically the supererogatory prayers prayed at night, in Ramadan. Outside of Ramadan, it would be called Tahajjud, or alternatively, Qiyam al-Layl, The Night Prayer.

Whether you pray at home or masjid Taraweeh is mandatory one and I prefer the taraweeh at the masjid as I feel that I can attain the full concentration when I converse with Allah as kids get to spend their time with their friends.

Going to masjid isn’t possible for everyone so I have come with few tips to help you all to balance the Taraweeh and the toddlers during Ramadan

The Prophet ï·º never stopped women and children from attending the masjid, even though he ï·º advised that the prayer of a woman in her house is better than anywhere else.

First let’s concentrate on the home Taraweeh mamas!

Tips to pray Taraweeh at home:

It’s easily said to pray the Taraweeh after the kids are put to bed! Maa shaa allah but we forget the fact that when we make the kids sleep, we also sleep at times so in the end we might miss them! 

So before you put the kids to bed; leave a message to your husband to wake you up and ask if you have performed your Taraweeh so if you haven’t performed the chances are there that you can perform and the husband’s role is also there to achieve this goal in shaa allah 

Few kids love to see you pray and try to imitate you guys so if possible, pray the Taraweeh with the kids mode ON. Before praying let the kid create a Taraweeh basket himself/herself like the favorite activity they would like to do; a favorite book to be read; the favorite game to be played alhamdulilah if they pick up their own stuffs we get an opportunity to plan our time and work with our minds for the Taraweeh in shaa allah

Now let’s look at the tips to attain a peaceful prayer at the masjid:

  1. 1.We love to go to our local masjid for this reason! Alhamdulilah it’s a small masjid and the community has bonded us to an extent that it makes us feel as a family! Maa shaa allah

Here the masjid is associated with a nursery school where we get an opportunity to allow the kids to play when we pray

  1. Anyhow a sister or 2 would not be able to pray due to their monthly cycle so that particular sister will handle the kids and plan their activity for the day! A small story telling session or the craft activity or the coloring activity which kids love
  2. Before getting the kids involved in this activity we make sure to take them to masjid to pray atleast 2 rakaths of Taraweeh and kids when prayed together they enjoy praying Maa shaa allah ! As I told you they are good imitators so when they see the parents and others praying they will imitate but when they all imagine a bunch of kids pray together they enjoy their prayers!
  3. Babies /toddlers follow the lil bigger kids and try to be in the salah for some time!
  4. In the end we give them goodie bags for performing well alhamdulilah
  5. Remember kids have their bad days too when babyA was less than a year I used to babywearing her and pray even last year where she was 1.5 years old I did my prayers babywearing during the time of needs.
  6. When the fellow companions of the salah understand the situation and pray our life will be in ease!

Instead of mocking and finding a reason to taunt a mommy leave them alone they can handle the situation very well alhamdulilah!

The one thing I like in this masjid is no one forces their opinion in the other person! They come to masjid pray and seek Allah’s blessings and go which is why I love this community

As this is a smaller community and the imam’s family supports us whatever we do for the good this might work out! I really don’t know how things will be in the bigger communities! Try to speak with them and see how best you can balance the Taraweeh and the kids alhamdulilah.

If you have any more tips please do share with us we would love to add to our list.

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Salma is a mommyblogger, wife, and mommy to a 2 year old. She is a biomedical Engineer which led her to co-author a book on Electronics for Class XI vocational book. You can find her blogging at Alizeh My Soul.

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