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    Buy Diazepam 10 Mg Online

    BMI is a common acronym given to body mass index. BMI indicates the body fat of each individual.

    Too much of body fat leads to illness resulting in various health and weight related problems like high blood pressure, heart diseases, stroke, diabetes, arthritis and some forms of cancer. BMI is in-expensive and easy to perform method for screening weight categories that may lead to health problems. The simplest formula for calculating BMI is from weight and height which co-relates to the percentage of total weight that comes from fat. BMI is generally categorised as under weight, healthy, over weight and obese.BMI is not a diagnostics  tool as it is not 100% accurate, it does not access your overall physical and mental health or body shape and build. For example an eating disorder cannot be diagnosed by BMI alone. There are other factors that needs to be considered. It is important to remember that BMI is only one measure of health.

    Before calculating BMI, obtain accurate height and weight measurements. BMI is calculated using standard formulas. It is calculated in age growth charts to obtain a percentile ranking. percentile are the most commonly used indicators to assess the size and growth patterns of individual children in the united states. For children and teens BMI is age and sex specific and is often referred to as BMI for age. it differs in every region and every individual.

    The criteria are different for those used to interpret for adults which does not take into account age or sex. The major reason is:

    1. The amount of body fat changes with age

    2. The amount of body fat differs between girls and boys.

    As in the case of adults interpreting body mass calculation might be confusing. That is why there is standard figurative chart has been created and endorsed by health care professionals.

    underweight- below 18.5 BMI

    normal / healthy- between 18.5 to 24.9 BMI

    overweight- 25 to 29.9 BMI and

    obese- over 30.0 BMI

    It is interesting to note that two different people with same height and weight measurement can have extreme variation in their body fat percentage. it is recommended that apart from referring chart numbers an individual must seek professional opinion before embarking upon a diet or exercise regimen. For instance a person who Is over weight according to BMI chart but not obese , may be healthy if he/she has healthy eating habits and exercises regularly. people who are thin but don’t exercise or eat healthy food aren’t necessarily healthy just because they are thin. Also in the case of athletes these interpretation varies because these people require specialised physical conditioning needs.


    Measuring your waist can also help you find out how much fat you have stores around your belly. the fat which is stored around belly also known as APPLE SHAPE are more likely to develop weight related issues and the fat which is stored around hips also known as PEAR SHAPED are prone to diseases that are related to weight including diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure.

    BMI are one of the most easiest way for screening healthy lifestyle for all ages as it keeps a check on one’s basic body fat. Fat is very essential for every human body, but any thing excess is harmful. Thus BMI keeps a check.

    Buy Diazepam 10 Mg Online

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