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This deadly epidemic, Covid-19 struck the world unexpectedly putting everyone’s life at risk.. This was not an act of racism nor terrorism but a global pandemic which touched no particular race, cast or colour.. People were worried about themselves, being away from loved ones, under quarantine and lockdown, no access to essentials despite having wealth and what not..
And then Ramadan dawned upon us, a time to reflect deeply and seek forgiveness from all the sins.. Let us not go back to our ways, rather mend our connection with our Rabb and reform totally..

We as Muslims have been advised already on how to live..
عَنْ أَبِي هُرَيْرَةَ قَالَ قَالَ رَسُولُ اللَّهِ صلى الله عليه وسلم‏
الدُّنْيَا سِجْنُ الْمُؤْمِنِ وَجَنَّةُ الْكَافِرِ
Prophet Muhammad (ï·º) said: “This world is a prison for the believer and a paradise for the disbeliever.”
(Sahih Muslim 2956)

A believer is ever mindful of Allah. Therefore, he is not free to do what he pleases. That is why this world feels like a prison to them. On the other hand, a person who is not mindful of Allah, does whatever he feels like or whatever he thinks he can get away with. There are indeed many things that can be enjoyed in this world. A person who is not looking forward to meeting his Lord, would spend every moment trying to maximize his enjoyment here, short-lived though it is. Thus, the dis-believer can find this world to be a Paradise. But a believer knows that there is no everlasting happiness here, in this world and that he is always in danger of falling into the traps of Shaitaan.

Renew Your Intention!
Mashaa Allah, we see alot of good being spread over social media; Alhamdulillah.. Many are involved in social services, da’wah, etc… which brings immense reward n inspires many souls but let’s make sure we are doing it for the right purpose with the right intentions i.e: for the sake of Allah and to create an everlasting impact on every human to enjoin one another to do good and forbid evil..
Our beloved Prophet (صلى الله عليه Ùˆ سلم) said:  ” انما الاعمال بالنية- “Verily, actions depend upon intentions!”
So no matter how much good we do, if our niyyah is not right, all our action n effort go invain.. It all depends on our Ikhlas (Sincerity), so let us all renew our intention in every act we perform that it is done soley for the Pleasure of Allah, the All-Mighty!
May Allah make us from amongst His righteous slaves and take our lives when He is most Pleased! Aameen!

Let me take you to a different topic:
Scenario example¦~
Sara: ‘Hey, Natalie’s been acting weird lately.. Did you notice that?’
Maria: “Well, she must be going through a different phase in her life.. Does it matter?”
Sara: ‘Kinda makes me inquisitive- all her posts and stuff.. She isn’t herself anymore.. I wonder what’s going on’
Maria: “May be you should go talk to her or just leave her to herself.”
Sara: ‘Hmmm, I’ll figure it out. After all, we’ve been good friends.’

Everyone goes through difficult situations in life and each person puts it out differently.. Like how no two persons have the exact same looks (identical twins being an exception), no two people suffer and react to any consequences the exact same way..
For instance, after a break up;
Person A- Keeps it a secret, lives a life of loneliness
Person B- Indirectly shares the pain, expects attention
Person C- Opens it up to the world, blaming the other
Thus, to judge any of them is not right even though one may be wrong. Rather, we gently approach them and lend a helping hand..

I don’t know if it’s really a good thing or a bad thing but when someone is feeling too low, s/he takes to social media,
just to get the mind off of what’s been bothering them;
by scrolling through newsfeed, replying to stories, commenting on posts, liking and sharing stuff that relate to them or just simply watching videos or chatting with friends..
Whether s/he posts pictures of food, children, nature, quotes or any damn thing, whatever it is, they have a reason.. The Lord knows the intention.. So don’t think low of them.. May be, it’s their way of getting over a hard time..

This clearly shows that our Rabb is the Only One who is in Control.. This test has surely got us on our toes.. It’s more of a reminder that despite all the luxuries of life, when death has to come, it comes

C- Clutched in every direction
O- Over a pandemic infection
R- Recite the duas of protection
O- Only solution that has no objection
N- Never say this is Almighty’s rejection
A- Always build a strong connection
V- Vital it is, to be under inspection
I- It’s time we introduce introspection
R- Realizing mistakes and making correction
U- Understand and fall not into abjection
S- Seek forgiveness before the Day of Resurrectiobn


@A Textrovert’s Voice–Sabrina Azhar 

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Sabrina Azhar
Alhamdulillah, being a busy mum of 4 (below 10 years of age) and having completed her degree in Islamic studies and Arabic language along with an International diploma in teaching and training skills, Sabrina aspires to inspire the modern generation hoping for a better outcome Inshaa Allah! Blogging is her passion where she writes for different sites and magazines.. Mostly interested in poetry but also like sharing parenting experiences and  spiritual writings.. 
A Textrovert’s Voice–she calls herself but also is in the field of da’wah..
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