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Scenario 1

When I grew up, Ramadan meant school was out, and that is how the setup is still for those who attend Muslim Schools here in Sri Lanka. School adjourns before the month begins and starts just after the sixth of Shawwal.

Scenario 2

Ramadan is just another day and school and everything carries on as normal, there is no leniency to take into account the blessed month which we have entered upon.

A debate seems to be going on. Which is better?

Some advocate that Muslims get lazy when they have no school in Ramadan and sleep till late. Arguably the reason behind that holiday was, so that the children could from a young age learn that this month is not for the mundane. Energies in this month needs to be devoted towards the optional and extra nawafil prayers.

Growing up the way I did, I cannot help but feel for those in scenario 2. For somehow it is during Ramadan that they are faced with their semesters and their sports-meets and their swimming meets leaving them exhausted and depleted to do anything but the routine.

However sad to say, it is in Ramadan that our Muslims get lazy. Staying up all night doing everything but praying, sleeping during the day even missing Luhar prayers.

For me – both are extremes on its own. Both are not what I condone.

May Allah guide us and our offspring to benefit from this blessed month. 

So when I was growing up, Ramadan meant going to my village. Ramadan meant going for Taraweeh with the whole family. We the children used to play a little and pray a little but alas times have changed. Occupations have changed and Ramadan no longer means a break from the strenuous even for the adults. Offices and work schedules carry on as normal and children are stuck indoors in the city where outdoor space and attempts at mingling are curtailed, where journeys to the Masjid are that – journeys and it is not possible until dad is back from office.

So I feel for the 22 nd century children. I feel for us their parents and I feel for the times we live in.

But Alhamdulilah Allah has blessed me. Blessed me by guiding me to the best.

All praise is to Him, who has favored me over much of His creation.

May He make us of those who are grateful for His blessings.

But rewind 20 years later, my boys attend a Muslim School but they have school in Ramadan albeit an altered schedule to take in their reduced energy levels and maximize on the benefits of this month.

So the timings are shorter and they adjourn after Luhar salah, the curriculum more Ramadan oriented with a sprinkle of lessons. So they do Tafseer, and seerah and reflections in Ramadan.  And school adjourns for the last 10 days of Ramadan. Alhamdulillah. I couldn’t have asked for more.

I pray that Allah makes it of benefit to my family.

What are your thoughts on School in Ramadan?

How is the setup where you reside in your part of the globe?

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Um Ayyoob Shaaziya Binth Fayas is a bloggermum, educator, poet and aspiringwriter. You can find her blogging at Umayaraa

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