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This post was written in the first week of April. Way before Ramadan. 

If you and I have reached today to read this – fortunate we have been.

If you and I have reached today – it means we have been of the blessed to reach the last ten days of this month.

I’ve been contemplating about Ramadan over the past years and each year, it seems to have brought forth its own trials and tribulations. Living in Sri Lanka, this has been so true. Last year we faced the niqab ban, the hijab ban post Easter attacks and year before that there were similar ethnic tensions. Na-oodhbillah. 

Jannah is not easy I read, 

We would be tested with our wealth and our lives, our health and everything around – 

All these I simply read about. 

Lockdown taught me to wonder what’s ahead.

Having reached the end of this Ramadan, 

If we have not grown spiritually we are lost. 

If we have not made use of this opportunity to grow and reform we have lost, 

If we personally have not called ourselves to account we are of those who have lost.


If everything that surrounds us has not taught us the power of the Almighty, we have failed in understanding His Lordship, His power, His might. 

His ability to use something so miniscule, so teeny weeny, something that cannot be seen and touched to disrupt mankind and their lives. 

Last ten nights of Ramadan

SubhanaAllah here we are, in the last ten nights of Ramadan, fortunate and blessed to have reached it.

Here we are with opportunity and chance to repent when the devils have been chained and the pathways to goodness multiplied and open.

Here we are, having come this far.

May all our deeds be accepted

May all our faults be forgiven

May all our shortcomings be overlooked

May it be in this Ramadan that we be saved from the fire.

May it be in this Ramadan that we be granted salvation.

It’s not yet too late – I remind myself first and you dear reader, where ever you be across this globe.

It’s not too late.

Let us make use of the days ahead

Let us make use of the times in which supplications are answered

To seek the salvation that we so desire.


Author Bio

Shaziya Fayas is from Sri Lanka writing under the pseudonym “umayaraa”. Mother of three, and an educator, she blogs during her free time. Read more about her ramblings at umayaraa.wordpress.com

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