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As the blessed month bids farewell, we sometimes long for it to stay right there, keeping us close to our Rabb. We wish for the current faith-state to persist. While gearing up for Eid, we are consumed by our sense of losing out. There is an innate fear of things going back to normal and all the good vibes gone with the month.

Quite surprisingly, we enter into the month with a hesitation. Occupied with feelings of not being good enough and failing the criterion, we take initiation. As the days pass by, we find it easier and fulfilling for our hearts. And as the end approaches, we worry about going back.

An appropriate approach of a believer towards the end of this month is to acknowledge his weaknesses and plan out his course of action beforehand. The goal is to retain connectivity and persist forth in life with similar spiritual levels.

Punch up your Istiqamah

Istiqamah means to remain consistent regardless of the circumstances. The fasting of Ramadan has made you strong. It is now the time to utilize that strength. It is inevitable that you may fall multiple times. However, the expectation of infinite rewards in Akhirah must keep you going.

I list down some tips that may assist you to maintain elevated Imaan levels post-Ramadan:

Adaptation of Fasting now and then

The benefits of fasting should be known by a believer. It aids you stay away from sins, helps you develop a beautiful level of faith in Allah (SWT) and nourishes your soul immensely.

The process may begin as soon as the second of Shawwal (the month that comes after Ramadan). As the Hadith goes:

“Whoever fasts in the month of Ramadan and then follows it with six days fasting in Shawwal has done as if he has fast for life.” (Muslim)

There are rewards for fasting time and again throughout the year:

“Fasting for three days in every month is equal to fasting forever.” (Al-Bukhari and Muslim)

Fasting is, therefore the simplest form of having similar faith-state outside of Ramadan.

Fix your Prayers, once and for all

The voluntary prayers in Ramadan known as Tarawih are an indication that this is the finest form of worship to Allah (SWT). This serves as a reminder for us Muslims. We are supposed to rectify our prayers. Check out your movements, your recitation and your mental state? Do you feel peace or do you want to rush through the ritual?

The question about prayers will be the first one asked on the Last Day. You are supposed to perform them with perfection and on the designated times.

Grab a good virtue and hold onto it

This month does not only mean for Muslims to worship and inflict them with physical struggle. There is more to it all. The aim is to bring a change in the believers. The filth that gathers upon their hearts throughout the year is to be removed. Once you find your hearts at peace and your souls in Divine Connection make the next move.

Grab one good deed or as many as you can and pledge yourself to hold onto them. Be it a penny of charity each day. It should be constant.

“The best of deeds is the one that is little but is consistent.” (Al-Bukhari)

There could be various virtues like being polite with people than you were before Ramadan, offering two Rakah Voluntary prayers each day and the list can go on.

Remember that the month may be gone but the Lord stays right there. He still loves you beyond bounds. Keep on comparing the state of your heart during Ramadan and after that. If you wish to make the difference stay minimal, stay productive. Make the most out of every opportunity of earning Barakah that comes your way. Lastly, you should always make Dua. Ask Him to hold onto you and keep you away from worldly distractions. Once His assistance comes your way, there is no chance of you falling down the consistency grid.

May Allah (SWT) make us strong enough to fight through and stay persistent on good deeds post-Ramadan. Ameen.

Author Bio

Anoshia Riaz – mother of 2. I have completed my Masters Degree in English Literature last year. Completed Arabic Grammar course this year. A Quran tutor by profession.



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