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The last part of Ramadan is here, only to remind us how soon time flies. We are already done with two thirds of this holy month, and have hopefully used it well so far (Inshallah).

Allah is gracious to give us ten more nights of Ramadan, the most blessed, for in these nights is the night that is better than a thousand nights, the night that is promised by Allah himself. The night that is not to be lost, and may Allah help us find it.

I have therefore, put together a collection of duas, made by prophets and angels in the various stories of the Quran. May Allah guide us all.

Let me mention, that there is no doubt that Surah Fatiha, in itself, is the most powerful dua to read and repeat.




































May Allah bless you, and May He accept your prayers – those spoken and those not. Ameen.


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Sharmeen Kidwai.
Having faced a couple of islamophobic acts last year, she decided to do something, to help put a “Regular” Muslim’s voice on the map.
Always having a passion for writing, she went from writing research papers in Medicine to Islamic articles on her blog – https://girlwithscarfblog.wordpress.com/.

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  • Islamic Knowledge

    The last ten days of Ramadan are a great blessing of Allah. It’s definitely great to write a post about it. May Allah bless you for writing about it.

  • Islamic Knowledge

    I have been wanting to write about Ramadan prayers for a long time. But I did not know what to write. This wonderful post of yours eased my problem. May Allah bless you….

  • unique

    very informational, helpful Article
    unique recently posted…Namaz Salah Prayer.My Profile

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