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This year is the 3rd time I am observing Ramadhan with the status as a wife, plus the first year as a mother. Compared to previous Ramadhan’s while still single, there are some things that change in my daily life. The most noticeable is in the financial arrangements, plus the kitchen.

Although still living with my mother, I remain in charge of my husband. One of the most severe things in the fasting month is the matter of financial arrangements from beginning to the last day of Ramadan.

Indeed during the day when we fast and not eat and drink, it would seem as if spending can be more efficient in Ramadan, rather than any other month. Actually, financial spending in Ramadhan is bigger than in any other month

As a mother who arranges finances at home, I must act smarter through finance until the last day of Ramadan. Some of the techniques I use to make savings in the month of Ramadhan are :

Reduce shopping at the mall

Actually, the night market in Ramadan is the most annoying thing for a mom like me because it will affect the children to shop more. This is because you will be able to see a wide range of food, drinks, toys, clothes at the Ramadhan night market.

Previously we just plan to take a walk instead of buying a bundle of cakes, foods, new hijab and others that successfully tempt you. So you should reduce the visit to the night market in  Ramadhan or go just once a month to satisfy your curiosity.

Make your own food for breaking the fast

Making your own meals in your own kitchen will save you more on financial expenses. However my circumstances as an employee of a company, can make it very difficult to prepare a menu for breaking the fast for the beloved family.

Most companies do let us leave early but you still feel very rushed and it can be difficult to prepare food for iftar. However, it should not be the reason that you should stop working or laze.

To work around this, I choose to prepare a menu of food that is practical and easy to get in supermarkets. Although you may feel like enjoying a unique cake that appears only in Ramadan, just buy it for a few days.

You may consider that one bag of ice a dollar, and then you will have to buy 4 bags of ice fruit. And if you make it yourself by just buying materials alone it will be cheaper.

Breaking the fast together in the mosque

For those who are outdoors, they could get food to break their fast in the mosque. Maybe you could this for free and this is good for you if you are saving income.

Of course, food in the mosque is devoted to the travellers who are traveling. But if you are happy to break the fast in the mosque with friends, there is no harm. And try to bring also food from home aswell  to be enjoyed by other friends.

Eat enough without throwing food away

Eating and drinking enough is a frugal tip to watch out for. Sometimes when we are fasting, our lusts force us to buy or want something in excess of what we need. This can lead us to throw food and become wasteful.

Buy enough food for the number of people at home. Buying should suit your needs and should not always be luxurious and expensive. Healthy food will give the blessing of gratitude so that the power in running the worship.

Buying new clothes before Eid day

Buying new clothes to wear on the big day of Islam is a tradition. Previously, I would choose to buy Eid clothes earlier to prevent buying more expensive clothes.

Another alternative way to buy Lebaran clothes is to buy them online. Nowadays there is so much available online with such a wide range of clothes to wear on Eid day. 

But I need to remind you that in the month of Ramadhan there will be an increase in transactions which may result in delays in the delivery process. And it should also be remembered that if you want to shop for clothes online do not purchase close to the holiday because the online shops can be closed for purchase.


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  • Salma Mehajabeen

    Maa shaa allah for the tips. Even I was in the impression that during the month of Ramadan we will spend less but as you said it’s the vice versa. These tips will definitely help us to plan things better in shaa Allah

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