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    Buy Adipex.Com

    Buy Zolpidem Cr Online / Buy Phentermine 37.5 White Blue Specks / Day 28 – How to manage your Anger using best practices inculcated during Ramadan

    HANGRY – an adjective, is described in the dictionary as “bad-tempered or irritable as a result of hunger. And most of us would have found ourselves snapping and irritable some or the other time due to hunger.

    But a surprising fact that a lot of us would have noticed is that while we experience this during all other months of the year, during Ramadan, surprisingly we are much more calm, composed and peaceful. Not too many things really ruffle our feathers. And the more I think of it, we go against all logic and in spite of being hungry, thirsty, following a totally different sleeping and eating pattern, we are still in a better emotional health during this month.

    This is attributed to a lot of small and big changes that we make during this month knowingly or unknowingly. And I shall share some of these as well as some tips on how we can continue these small practices even after the month of Ramadan so as to ensure that we are able to manage our tempers and temperament better.

    Buy Adipex.Com

    Anger is one of the most difficult emotions for us to control, and this is exactly what our Holy Prophet has been known to state as well.

    The Holy Prophet once asked his companions, “Do you know who the strong person is?” His companions replied, “The one who is able to wrestle others down.” The Prophet responded, “No, it is the one who is able to control their anger.”

    In the month of Ramadan, we recite the Quran much more than we do in other months. The verses of our Holy book are known to have that calming effect on the soul. Also during this month, due to our increased focus on ibadath, we are almost always in the state of Wudhu. This practice too is known to have a calming effect on our bodies both spiritually as well as physically.

    Thus we should continue the practice of always staying in Wudhu and reciting the Quran every day even after Ramadan and this is a sure shot way of helping with anger management.

    Don’t hold a grudge

    Holding a grudge or unable to forgive others is one of the root causes of feeling angry. As we all know, during the month of Ramadan we all ask our Almighty for forgiveness and at the same time try to remove all the bad feelings that we hold for others from within ourselves.

    Similarly we need to maintain this practice of not holding a grudge in all the other months, not just for the sake of others but more for our mental health. This frees us of unnecessary emotional baggage and helps us keeping our anger in check.

    Take some time out for yourself

    Another thing we do in the month of Ramadan is spend more time on ourselves – and taking care of ourselves spiritually. Our other activities of socializing, spending unnecessary time on social media, gossiping, shopping, etc. are minimal.

    This time that we spend on ourselves is another way towards anger management. A clear mind helps us think and act logically and thus control our anger. So, make it a point to spend some time on yourself, if not daily at least 3-4 times during the week – Meditate, read, collect your thoughts, and write a diary – anything that helps you focus on yourself.

    Stay healthy and exercise

    Last but not the least; if we follow our Buy Alprazolam In Australia, it helps us attain physical fitness too. This feeling of physical well-being also helps boost our confidence, improve our hormonal health which in turn is responsible to bring a feel-good feeling and can control our anger.  So take some time to exercise, eat well and stay healthy, not only during Ramadan but also in all the other months of the year.

    Following these simple tips not only help us with Anger Management, but also our emotional well-being and helps us be more likeable, approachable and in general a good person.

    Author Bio

    Sabeeka Lambe: Professionally an engineer and a naturopath by passion. After a fulfilling10 years of experience as a software quality manager for an IT services company, I took up raising my kids as my primary responsibility for some time. I was always inspired by everything natural and thus I also got a formal Diploma in Naturopathy while working, to enhance my knowledge on the subject. During this journey, I have used many natural methods of healing and rejuvenation and have been successful in keeping the family healthy and medicine free as much as possible. I gradually become the point of contact in my social circles for consultation and advice on natural remedies. This made me start my blog Order Alprazolam as an attempt to share these methods, experiences and their benefits with a larger audience.

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