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    Buy Phentermine At Gnc

    Buy Zolpidem Cr Online / Buy Phentermine 37.5 White Blue Specks / Day 4 Ramadan 2019 – Blogging on Autopilot in Ramadan

    While Ramadan is undoubtedly a time for self reflection and spirituality, blogging in Ramadan can seem like a form of distraction from embracing the true meaning of the Holy month. If you’re wondering how you can step away from the online world, this post can help you.

    What do your readers want from you?

    Blogging is never about chasing pageviews. You may have a million sessions to your blog but if those aren’t converting, something is seriously wrong with your marketing. Your readers come to you for your content. The right content to the right person at a time they need it, can mean raving fans who will come back for more.

    Depending on what kind of content you write, Ramadan may be a time for high traffic for most Muslimah Bloggers. It is the time of the year when people are not just looking for spiritual enlightenment but also, rushing about to get their last minute jobs done.

    There are shoppers looking for the perfect gift, moms frantically looking for activities for their children, someone looking for ideas for her iftaar or suhur that day, another person wants to improve their health during the fasting month – there are all kinds of readers. Not everyone is going to switch off their internet like most believe. After all, the internet (and google!) have become the source of our solution to most every day problems.


    What are you giving your reader?

    Your blog could be that solution for them. May be you are a food blogger who has the best recipes for Ramadan. May be you sell modest wear or children’s toys or just that your product will make the best gifts for the top Ramadan list. If all or none, write that list yourself! You can help your readers find the best Muslim brands out there. There is no limit to what you can write. Of course, finding the time to write in Ramadan is another thing…

    I am sharing some tips below on how you can keep your blog active, automate your marketing and increase your income in Ramadan without spending too much time online.


    Blogging is a two part game – writing and marketing.

    You may be the best at writing but if you fail to market, people cannot find your content. Or you may be very good at marketing but your content makes readers ignore you – how can that work?

    So let’s include both writing and marketing in our Ramadan plan.


    Writing and Publishing:

    When you write content that resonates with your audience, it will not only be popular but also require less marketing on your part. This is the reason why you need to know your reader really well.

    What are they doing in Ramadan? What are their struggles, what do they want to read, what are they googling… what are they buying? Answers to questions like these can help you not just plan your content but also write exactly the words that they want to hear.

    If you are a brand and your blog is a part of your marketing,  knowing your audience can help you use the right words to bring you customers.


    Here’s your plan for Ramadan: Look into your archives from last year and pull out your Ramadan related posts or those that your reader may find helpful during this time.

    If you can have time to write, try to write 2-3 posts that are perfect for this time of the year. Schedule them one per week, if not more.

    If you don’t have time to write at all, just update the information to make it relevant for this year and schedule this post to be republished again. These posts will publish by themselves while you are away. If you are on self hosted WordPress, there are plugins that will re-share your posts.  Just search the plugins directory to find one that is compatible with your theme.


    Important: While scheduling make sure you don’t change the URL structure of your posts.



    Your subscribers are your real fans who want to hear from you. They are the traffic that you own. That’s the reason why they are on your list.

    Many bloggers just focus on getting their readers to subscribe but totally ignore them once they are on the list. If you email them once in a blue moon, do you honestly think they will remember who you are?

    It takes an hour or so to schedule out your emails for a few weeks in one sitting. Pull out the archives from your blog or write some Ramadan tips or even curate a list of links from other bloggers that they may find helpful. Put this all in an email and schedule it out. The best difference between email and writing a post is that how fast you can write an email compared to a blogpost! No need for fancy editing or optimizing your post for search engines. No need for graphics even!

    Write you emails like you are writing to a friend and see the magic of engagement!



    Facebook loves consistency and entertainment. Posts that make your readers laugh or happy, those that make them talk to you or leave their opinions, do great on this platform.

    Facebook is not for link dropping. Schedule out a few memes, videos or questions in between your own content. You can even share products with your affiliate link (and proper disclaimers) to help people find new products. Remember to use the Facebooks own scheduler to do this.


    Facebook groups:

    Your groups, depending on niche, are definitely the place where a whole lot of action will be while you’re absent. If you run it solely, you may have trouble with moderating. If it’s too quiet, you may have trouble with creating engagement. There is a solution to both.

    Appoint a few moderators who can help you. Schedule out content for your audience. But do check in from time to time if it gets too busy. Even 10 minutes every few days will be enough for most groups.



    Pinterest is the new google. They send massive traffic if your pins are good. Just having your pins in there is enough. The new algorithm doesn’t need you to be there every single day.

    If you have never tried a Pinterest scheduling tool, it’s a great idea to do it now! Check out my blogging blog to see what tools I use on my own blogs.



    Your readers love to see the life of a person behind the blog on Instagram. Generally in Ramadan your viewers (if Muslim) will be most active after Iftaar till suhur. So it’s good idea to schedule out your posts then. There are many free schedulers that help you accomplish this but the stories feature in Instagram (and Facebook) is the best way to keep your account active in front of your readers. We all know how easy these stories are. A quote, a glimpse of your day, polls that involve your readers, funny story… anything goes.

    You can schedule out your stories too. Just create them before hand on the app and store them for later. It is just scroll, click and share after that.

    I hope these tips help you blog in Ramadan. Wishing you a month of blessings. May Allah accept your worship.

    Author Bio


    Aysh Siddiqua is the mom behind Buy Alprazolam In Australia where she writes about expat life, motherhood and crafts. She has recently started a blog to share her 15 years of blogging experience. Order Alprazolam helps new and old bloggers blog without a burnout.  Generic Ambien Pill

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      That’s excellent! I’m always on a high by day 3-4 of Ramadan as I have a different kind of energy and this helps put things in place. Hopefully this Ramadan is a time for change. Jazaka Allah for these posts.

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