Red Leather Shawl
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I blog this niche because I have breathed the air of negativities throughout my 30 years of life. I let myself surrounded, bullied, slandered, capitalised, humiliated and intimidated by the plastics, the armchair critics and the fast talkers. Desperately surviving the governments, I blended in perfectly with ungrateful cogs in a machine and as well as the fuddy-duddys, the know-it-alls and worse, the lame ducks and obviously, it was a sinful choice. Afterwards, I isolated myself for a quite some time, rewinding and reflecting the life I had. Alhamdulillah, Allah has made me realize the sole purpose of my mere existence. So, referring to my life struggles, this blog is about easing people who are emotionally suffering in every aspect of life concerning their Imaan (faith) to Allah.