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Ramadan is the month of drawing close to Allah . Ramadan is often called  the month of the Quran . In this Mubarak  Month we try to read as much Quran as Possible. Alhumdulillah as an ilm seeker I have read many books on Islam and have written many reviews of the Islamic books . Today I would like to share a Reading List for Ramadan for People of different Age. In Sha Allah! this list will help you find the books that can make your Ramadan Productive.

Age 5- 15

  1. The Number 1 Book I recommend for this age group is : The Meaning of Holy Quran for School Children . This book is so beautifully written that I have fallen in love with it and sometimes even I use it for reference because it not only gives you the English translation in a very easy to understand language but it also gives you a background story of the verse and has beautiful illustrations in it that makes learning easier.
  2. The Goodword Book of Quran People for Kids :This book is Written specially for children aged eight and above, this encyclopedia includes entries on more than 130 men and women of the greatest importance in the Scripture. This book can help the kids learn the meaning and message of stories from Quran.
  3. The Seerah Activity Book for Kids: It is a captivating book for children to learn about Seerah (the life of the Prophet Muhammad) in a truly engaging way. It contains highly attractive artwork to inspire creativity; a carefully chosen collection of the Prophet’s prayers to instil moral values; fascinating trivia to provide a basic understanding of Seerah; and some fun-filled activities at the end to help children enjoy what they have learnt so far.
  4. Life Style of a Muslim Child Series (6 Books): This is a beautiful set of 6 books going through a day in the life of Rashid and Amina. It describes the actions that they do and mentions the supplications they read at the specific times. It will capture the children’s imagination with colorful pictures and make them imitate the Muslim lifestyle.
  5. Stories of the Prophets in the Holy Qu’ranThis inspiring collection of illustrated stories offers an Islamic take on the lives and missions of familiar prophets. Through these Islamic renditions, children are made keenly aware of the importance of certain virtues steadfastness, patience, and honesty exhibited by religious role models in the Quran, including Abraham, Moses, Noah, and Jesus, and the prophets’ willingness to endure hardship as a means to an honest life.

Before choosing any book for your kid read their reviews and analyse the reading habit of your child . This will help your child develop a reading Passion and also improve his deen.

Age 16 Onwards

  1. Quran – Arabic Mushaf. Try to complete reading the 30 chapters of Quran in the month of Ramadan . It is of immense reward and brings us closer to Taqwa .
  2. Book of DuaAnother must read book in Ramadan is Fortress of Muslims . It is a book of authentic Supplications .You must have heard the hadeeth that Dua is the essence of Worship . Make lots of Dua to Allah swt during Ramadan . You can download 3o Rabbana Dua from Quran from Islam Hashtag .It  is also recommended to make a Personal Dua Diary like this.
  3. Biography of Prophet Muhammad SAWWhen one reads the biography of Rasul Allah SAW , he learns the way of life and develops a sense of great love for him . His character was Quran . There is no Man who ever lived was better than him. He is a role model for the whole of humanity and we have lots of lesson to love from his life and character .
  4. Riyadh As Saliheen- This is one book that every one of us must read . It contains hadeeth from authentic sources and the hadeeth are so beautifully categorised that it becomes easy for the readers to understand the subject and look for particular hadeeth pertaining to his situation . It has chapters like chapter of Taqwa , Chapter of Sincerity , Chapter of fear of Allah , Chapter of etiquettes etc . A Very beautiful indeed and it is often used in curriculum of advanced Islamic learning Programmes.
  5. Tafseer of Quran – Tafseer of Quran is different from translation . Tafseer gives you a beautiful introduction of each verse . It twlls you the context in which the verses were revealed and when you read tafseer you feel like you are reading an engaging book that has lots to offer .
  6. Biography of the four Caliphs – Get your hands on the books like Biography of Abu Bakr RA , Biography of Umar RA , Biography of Uthman Ra and Biography of Ali RA . You can see my Reading list of last Ramadan to get an idea of how the books look like and what do you expect to read in this .
  7. History of Islam – There are many books written on the topic of History of Islam . What I believe that every one of us must read the history of Islam to acquaint themself about the rich cultural heritage of Islam and to lean the way of life from the companions of Prophet SAW (Peace be upon them ) You can search google and read review of Books on history of Islam to choose the Book according to your level of understanding .
  8. Stories of Prophets- When you read the stories of Prophets you will be able to correlate the stories when you come across them in Quran. So Stories of Prophets must be another top priority book in your reading list.

These Books are more than enough for us to read this Ramadan . You may also not be able to finish reading all of them but Ramadan is a great time to develop a reading habit of Islamic Books . I would advice you to start with at least One book other than Quran and try to finish it this Ramadan .

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I am a Talibe Ilm . I am a student of Alimah Studies . I reside in Saudi Arab Alhumdulillah and beside managing my home , family and studies I have a blog Where I share the pearls learnt in the course of my study. Blog: https://islamhashtag.com/

  • Amina Edota

    Masha Allah… very beneficial list. Riyadh As-Saliheen is always on my Ramadan reading list. I can’t get enough of the gems contained in it. Thanks for sharing x

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