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Nothing is more pleasing to a farmer than his field at the time of the harvest. Now, he can enjoy fruits of his labor. But, he has to pay his debt first. He had incurred it for petty things. Now it sums up to a huge amount! Unwillingly, he has to pay the price for those little things with his hard earned rich harvest. No matter how hard he tries, he falls into the tarps of debt due to his weaknesses, haste and ignorance. Sometimes his harvest is poor. Yet, no mercy is shown to him when the debt is collected. Well, the creditors have their right too. Repayment is the right thing to do. Poor farmer could do nothing to save his harvest.

He learns of a scheme to save himself from a year’s debt. All he had to do is abstain himself from things which get him into debt for a couple of specified days! By doing this his debt will be forgiven. He has nothing to lose. It is not compulsory for him to participate in this scheme. If you are the farmer, would you participate in such a scheme? Who wouldn’t? This scheme is just too good to ignore. Only a fool would ignore it.

Interestingly, Success is called ‘Falah’ in Arabic. Falah also means Farmer! Aren’t we farmers cultivating Righteous deeds for Hereafter? In spite of our best efforts unknowingly and unintentionally we commit sins. These are our debts and we have to pay back with our good deeds. We have no idea how much debt we have incurred. Nor do we know, how much good we have accumulated. We could only get this answer on day judgement. Then it’s too late to save our deeds. What can we do?

Alhumdhlillah. Our Most Merciful creator also gives us chance to save our self from such debts! Well here is one appealing scheme-


Alhamdhulillah, we can save ourselves from minor sins by fasting this Ashoora (10th of Muharam). Yes, it is not compulsory to fast. I trust you are wise enough to make most of this opportunity. Our Merciful Creator is most Beneficent. Let’s not just stop there. Let’s follow sunnah (way of the prophet) and fast a day more! What could be a better way ensure our reward than to follow Sunnah?


Just two days of fasting is all it would take to save ourselves from minor sins of past year! Alhamdhulillah. Some of us might not be able to fast on these days. Do not be dishearten. Muharram is also the best month to accumulate good deeds by fasting. The entire month of Muharaam is most preferred month to fast voluntary fasts.


Let us ensure that we fast our missed fard (compulsory fasts) in this month. Then, maybe we can fast some more. Let us make most of Allah’s generosity in this month. Let’s expiate our sins and increase our yield! May we be successful. Aameen.

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  • Nur

    Thank you for this post! Reminds me to do good this month. May Allah reward you for reminding 🙂

  • Khawlah

    Masha’Allah, a very relevant and beneficial reminder, may Allah reward you sister Haya. Ameen.

  • Fazeela Ibrahim

    Alhamdulillah I just finished my Ifthar and saw this post. May Allah guide us to make the most of Muharram.
    Fazeela Ibrahim recently posted…Drifts come to an ENDMy Profile

  • Fatima

    This was such a lovely evening read. The flow of writing was so smooth that it didn’t distract me from anything until the end. I hope you too have a blessed month.

  • Fozia S

    Ameen! JazakAllah khair for the reminder to fast and the benefits
    Fozia S recently posted…My Sunday Photo/Silent Sunday – Paradise Wildlife ParkMy Profile

  • Amina

    Nice similitude you set there with the farmer. I love it!

    Muharram is a month of goodies, may we be able to reap from it’s goodies. Thanks for the lovely reminder

  • Shahira

    Alhamdulila. He is the Most Merciful.

    I loved the way you started the article. Good analogy.

  • Ayesha Farhad

    I always fast during these two days! I wish I could fast this year as well! Great post! xx

  • Nazima

    What a great analogy! Beautifully written and beautiful reminder!
    Nazima recently posted…Spicy Butternut Squash SoupMy Profile

  • Chelsea

    What a beautiful post. I love how you compared our sins to debts we incur and we have to pay those debts off with good deeds. But alhamdulillah we also have many opportunities to erase our debts! This was a beautiful reminder!
    Chelsea recently posted…25 Minute Total Body HIIT WorkoutMy Profile

  • Rayeesa Tabassum

    Loved your parable. JazakAllah for sharing.

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