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  • How to make the most of Ramadan when you are not fasting.
    Allah’s Messenger (ﷺ) said, “When Ramadan begins, the gates of Paradise are opened. Narrated Abu Huraira Sahih al-Bukhari 1898 Ramadan is such an important month in the Muslim Calendar, there is excitement in the air when it is due to arrive and muslims look forward in anticipation for a month ... read more
    Source: Muslim MummyPublished on 2021-04-21By MuslimMummy
    1 day ago
  • Brief Tafseer: Juz 3 (Baqarah 253 to Al-Imran 91)
     Bismillah Ar-Rehman Ar-RaheemSuccess is not just with our resources, success is with iman. It is with the power of Allah.We should examine the state of our heart: is it attentive towards Allah? When the verses of the Quran are heard and recited, does our faith get rejuvenated?Those who learn the ... read more
    Source: The Momin’s JourneyPublished on 2021-04-20By Unknown
    2 days ago
    The brilliant Zippo’s Circus  – “London’s Favourite”, and several times voted “Britain’s Best Circus” – is coming to Blackheath Common with a brand-new 2021 production.  Zippos is Covid-safe ** Enter our competition to win one of five Ringside Family Tickets (2 adults and 2 children).    The thrilling Brazilian Lucius Team ... read more
    Source: Muslim MummyPublished on 2021-04-19By MuslimMummy
    3 days ago
  • 5 Amazing Health Benefits of Ramadan Fasting
    The month of Ramadan is a blessed month and a great opportunity for us to focus on practicing and in-cooperating balance and healthy lifestyle and nutrition in our lives. Fasting teaches us more than we can imagine. Aside from the spiritual benefits of what Ramadan Fasting brings to us as ... read more
    Source: The Nourished MuslimahPublished on 2021-04-18By admin
    5 days ago
  • Week 15 of 2021 – Project 365
    Sunday 11th April – Day 100 A quiet day really. Published a post in my Muslim Mums in Business series. Then ‘glitterfied’ a decoration we had for Ramadan. It was the boring MDF colour but Bee wanted to bling it up. You can see the before and after in our ... read more
    Source: Muslim MummyPublished on 2021-04-17By MuslimMummy
    5 days ago
  • Set 1 & 2: Ramadan Reminders (Habits)
      ... read more
    Source: The Momin’s JourneyPublished on 2021-04-16By Unknown
    7 days ago
  • Brief Tafseer: Juz 2 (Baqarah 142 to 252)
     Bismillah Ar-Rahman Ar-RaheemIbadah, worship is what is done according to the commands of Allah, whether internal or external. It is what pleases Allah.Objecting to Allah commands and wisdom goes against the essence of servitude.If people can criticize Allah, then who are we to feel any offense when someone insults us.We ... read more
    Source: The Momin’s JourneyPublished on 2021-04-15By Unknown
    1 week ago
  • How to use the Al Haharaim Train from Makkah to Medinah-Operating now (Updated 2021)
    The Haramain High-Speed Train announced the resumption of trips starting next Wednesday, March 31 2021. This is very exciting as it is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to get from Makkah to Jeddah and Medinah.   Al Haramain opening again March 2021 First I have to say I ... read more
    Source: Muslim Travel GirlPublished on 2021-03-31By Muslim Travel Girl
    3 weeks ago
  • Tips To Stay Cool This Summer
    I know everybody is looking forward to summer & the hot weather, but sometimes, the humidity can get a bit much. Especially if you live in the Middle East…. But surprisingly, last summer was a scorcher in the UK too!… The post Tips To Stay Cool This Summer appeared ... read more
    Source: ThrifDee DubaiPublished on 2021-03-23By thrifdeedubai
    1 month ago