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  • Back to School with Hello Kitty
    Have a Hello Kitty fan in your house? Then Hello Kitty have got you covered when it is time for back to school! And if you don’t know about Hello Kitty then Hello Kitty is a fictional character produced by the Japanese company Sanrio and is pretty popular. Both my ..... Read More
    Source: Muslim MummyPublished on 2017-09-19By MuslimMummy
    4 weeks ago
  • Book Review: “Ramadan without Daddy” by Misbah Akhtar.
    “Ramadan without Daddy” by Misbah Akhtar is a book aimed at kids whose parents are not together anymore.  This book is different and is targeted at a specific audience. Divorce is difficult for the couple but kids are hit the hardest. They don’t understand what has happened and are often ..... Read More
    Source: Book Review: “Ramadan without Daddy” by Misbah Akhtar.Published on 2017-08-10
    2 months ago