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  • Are Midwives Important to Expecting & New Mums?
    I thought midwife was just a fancy name for a nurse. During my second pregnancy, I learnt what a midwife really was. A midwife is a teacher, mentor, mother-figure, baby whisperer, friend AND nurse. She is there for you during your most raw and vulnerable moments. I suffered post-natal depression ..... Read More
    Source: By BreharnePublished on 2017-05-24By breharne
    22 hours ago
  • Review: Learning to Drive with Admiral Young Driver
    My eldest was recently given the chance to drive a car. Yes you read that right, a 10 year old in a car. A proper, fully functioning car. I must admit initially I was a bit nervous letting her do this as had visions of her crashing straight into a ..... Read More
    Source: Muslim MummyPublished on 2017-05-23By MuslimMummy
    2 days ago
  • Project 365 – May 14 to May 20
    Day 134  – Admiral Young Driver Lessons– My eldest got to drive a car with Admiral Young Driver. At only 10 she got her first experience of driving one! Full blog post soon. Video is up and can be seen – Admiral Young Driver Lessons. Day 135 – A quiet day. ..... Read More
    Source: Muslim MummyPublished on 2017-05-20By MuslimMummy
    4 days ago
  • My BreastFeeding Journey and Tips
    I remember when I first got pregnant, I really had no idea how breastfeeding was going to work for me. I did get some advice but nothing actually prepared me for what was ahead of me….. My son was born via c-section after 20 plus hours of labor. The recovery ..... Read More
    Source: Through Mama’s EyesPublished on 2017-05-20By afra
    5 days ago
  • Pre-Ramadan game plan for busy mums
    Every year, I tell myself that I will make this Ramadan better than the last one and that I will accomplish all sorts of goals and nearly every year, I fail miserably. I was reflecting on this a little while ago and realised that it was because I failed to ..... Read More
    Source: And Then She SaidPublished on 2017-05-19By Iman
    5 days ago
  • 20 Fun Facts About Me
    Salam everyone! I thought I’d write a fun post, so I decided to share 20 fun facts about the face behind FatimaHachem.com, I hope you enjoy it! How much do you know about Fatima Hachem by following her on her blog and on social media? Let’s find out… If you ..... Read More
    Source: The Positive MuslimahPublished on 2017-05-19By Fatima Hachem
    6 days ago
  • Muslim Mums in Business – Little Muslim Dolls
    My Muslim Mums in Business series focus’s on inspirational Muslim women, who are balancing the art of motherhood along with running businesses. Please introduce yourself and your business.  I’m Umm Khalid from Atlanta, Georiga USA. I hand paint wooden Islamic dolls. They are available in all skin tones, genders and ..... Read More
    Source: Muslim MummyPublished on 2017-05-18By MuslimMummy
    6 days ago
  • Hope for Worry-Prone Parents – Don’t let anxiety suck the joy out of your parenting
    This is a Guest Post from Randy Fishell from An Anxious Kind of Mind So, I was an anxious person before Diana and I had children. But adding three boys to the mix didn’t exactly have a sedative effect. My particular stripe of anxiety disorders has included obsessive-compulsive disorder, panic disorder, ..... Read More
    Source: Through Mama’s EyesPublished on 2017-05-18By afra
    1 week ago
  • Confessions of a Practicing Muslim Awaiting Ramadhan
    Confessions of a practicing Muslim who suffers through the weakness of imaan and now awaits Ramadan anxiously to bring back that strength - this poem is a simple way to address the issue of expecting perfection from someone who can easily be identified as a Muslim - who LOOKS so ..... Read More
    Source: AyeinaPublished on 2017-05-17By Samina Farooq
    1 week ago
  • Make your own Ramadan bunting + free printable!
    When I did my Eid bunting last year, I told myself that although the process was fun with the kids, I’d need to come up with a way to make Ramadan bunting a lot easier the following year. I wanted to have everything ready well in advance of Ramadan ..... Read More
    Source: And Then She SaidPublished on 2017-05-16By Iman
    1 week ago
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