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  • Project 365 for 2019 – Week 49
    Day 336– Sunday 1st December Hubby took today off and we ended up going to Leicester as he had to drop something off to a friend…and we decided to have lunch. Went to Pamson Grill which is one of our favourite places to eat there. Day 337– Monday 2nd December ..... Read More
    Source: Muslim MummyPublished on 2019-12-07By MuslimMummy
    1 day ago
  • Dining out at Pamson Grill
    Another of our favourite places to eat out in Leicester is Pamson Grill. We regularly visit Leicester and if we are feeling like having some papri chaat, then our first stop is Pamson Grill! Their papri chaat is one of my favourites from all the places we have visited to ..... Read More
    Source: Muslim MummyPublished on 2019-12-06By MuslimMummy
    2 days ago
  • Six ways to be an #ActiveAlly
    In a time of increasing hate – including antisemitism and anti-Muslim hate – we all need to strive to be active allies: someone who works to actively combat hatred in all its forms. The term “active ally” was in fact coined by an organisation that I’m incredibly proud to be part of: ..... Read More
    Source: Voice of SalamPublished on 2019-12-05By Elizabeth Arif-Fear
    3 days ago
  • Top 5 Education Posts of 2019
    It's December so it's time to do another round up of my top 5 posts for the year. Here, you'll find the best of my content for the year 2019. If you've missed any of these then check them out right now because the content is gold. Don't miss out!1. ..... Read More
    Source: Ilma EducationPublished on 2019-12-04By Jameela
    4 days ago
  • Review: Detective Dot – The Megapack
    Disclaimer: We received Detective Dot – The Megapack for the purposes of review. All thoughts and opinions are our own. If you are looking for something different but interesting for the kids then you may want to consider Detective Dot – The Mega Pack. Who is Detective Dot? Dot eats ..... Read More
    Source: Muslim MummyPublished on 2019-12-04By MuslimMummy
    5 days ago
  • Teach Unit Study: The Body
    My girls have always been curious about learning about the Body. How does it all work? How does food go all the way down to the stomach? Why do we have a rib cage? What would happen if we didn’t have bones – would we The post Teach Unit Study: The ..... Read More
    Source: Mama Teaches MePublished on 2019-12-04By hafsah
    5 days ago
  • Mango Macadamia Ice Cream
    Mangoes are so so so in season right now, it’s one of my favourite fruits during our Australian summer.  My family loves mangoes, especially MU (my lil man) and Mr Munchies, so much so, that we have a weekly supply. It makes snack time so easy, cut up a mango ..... Read More
    Source: Modest MunchiesPublished on 2019-12-02By modestmunchies
    7 days ago
  • Little Known Box – Vegan Subscription Beauty Box (Review)
    I’ll be honest, I’m not a HUGE fan of Beauty Boxes and never really bought into the Hype especially since I went Cruelty Free in 2018. However, I came across Little Known Box which is a Vegan, Cruelty Free Beauty The post Little Known Box – Vegan Subscription Beauty ..... Read More
    Source: Simply HumairaPublished on 2019-12-02By Humaira
    7 days ago
  • My body is my property: Dismantling gender-based violence in the West Bank
    By Elizabeth Arif-Fear My body is my property” – a simple yet powerful slogan embroidered across this Palestinian bracelet which highlights the pernicious problem of patriarchy and gender-based violence (GBV) in the West Bank. An ongoing issue in the region, GBV and the age-old concept of “honour” are continuing ..... Read More
    Source: Voice of SalamPublished on 2019-11-28By Elizabeth Arif-Fear
    2 weeks ago
  • Strawberry Muffins
    During our most recent school holidays the kids really got into the baking groove. They were making muffins almost everyday. The first time we made them, we wanted to make my Raspberry White Chocolate Muffins, turns out we didn’t have frozen raspberries or white chocolate. We did however have frozen ..... Read More
    Source: Modest MunchiesPublished on 2019-11-22By modestmunchies
    2 weeks ago
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