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Asalaam Alaikum!

A couple of weeks ago the theme was Autumn but we didn’t get round to doing a round up post. However some of the pictures were awesome so we are doing a late round up!


An amazing looking recipe shared by sadaf_afshan.


Beautiful fall colours shared by @thepositivemuslimah.


@ourmuslimhomeschool shares the essence of Autumn with roasted chestnuts.


Some fun Autumn crafts shared by @ronnioz


@gilded_dunya has been having some Autumn lessons with ladybirds.

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I'm not a big fan of these little creatures (or any creature really, other than some humans) and Yusra seems to like them sometimes and get scared at other times. I really don't want to pass on any of my 'fears' or phobias to her. I try to come out of my comfort zone to show her the beauty that exists in all things created by Allah. Even if it meant we collected ladybirds in a way that didn't kill them. We found these little two in our balcony and I asked Yusra what they'd need in the jar. She said "they hungry" and so we found a leaf to 'feed' them. A wet afternoon turned into a deep (and by deep I mean two year old deep) conversation yet again about how Allah created so many different things. He is Al Khalique. My tafseer teacher told us the other day we can only truly know Allah when we know of His names and attributes. In this journey of introducing Yusra to our Creator, I'm learning so much myself. Motherhood is a teacher. Kind of falling in love with #Autumn this year. ps: we let the ladybirds go - they need to be where they are happy. 😊🐞 #MBPhotoOfTheWeek #MuslimahBloggers @muslimahblogs

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Do check out our hashtag #MBPhotoOfTheWeek to see the rest of the pictures shared. If you want to be featured in our next round up then look out on our instagram feed (@muslimahblogs) for the next theme. Don’t forget to use the hashtag and ensure your photo was taken in that week.

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