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  • Author Interview & Review: Here with You by Umm Afraz Muhammed
    Self-described as revolving around “the emotional tug-of-war between a daughter-in-law and her mother-in-law”, Here with You by Umm Afraz Muhammed is a halal-romance that examines the difficulty of navigating relationships by taking a nuanced look at one that’s often reduced to a stereotype. Here with You is author Umm Afraz ..... Read More
    Source: The Imperfect MuslimahPublished on 2019-04-21By Neymat Raboobee
    4 weeks ago
  • Instant Connectivity and Low Self-esteem, how do I break it!
    You’re not just hearing the news but seeing them in photos and watching their videos so closely that sometimes, in fact most of the times it acts as a reminder of what you don’t have in life. ..... Read More
    Source: Published on 2019-01-27By Aisha Id
    4 months ago
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