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  • My Husband’s Experience of Umrah with the new Covid rules in Makkah
    My husband doesn’t write for the site, but this month in November 2020 he performed Umrah when very few people could manage. MashaAllah he also completed another one yesterday (at time of writing). So I could not pass and not ask him about the process of performing Umrah in the ... read more
    Source: Muslim Travel GirlPublished on 2020-11-26By Muslim Travel Girl
    1 week ago
  • Monday Reminders #18
    And We have indeed made the Quran easy to understand and remember, then is there any that will remember (or receive admonition)?  (54:17)  ... read more
    Source: The Momin’s JourneyPublished on 2020-11-23By Unknown
    2 weeks ago
  • The Best Muslim-Friendly Guide to Dubai with Money-Saving tips
    Dubai is one of the most popular destinations for Muslim travellers as it offers everything they desire. Halal food in Dubai is obviously not an issue, and there are mosques to pray and plenty of activities for children, couples, and families alike. But Dubai is so much more than the ... read more
    Source: Muslim Travel GirlPublished on 2020-11-22By Muslim Travel Girl
    2 weeks ago
  • Get Control of Your Finances During Lockdown
    For the most part, the lockdown restrictions are unwanted, they prevent us from visiting friends & family & going to social events. Still, there is a silver lining. With everything switched off for a while, it gives us a rare… The post Get Control of Your Finances During Lockdown ... read more
    Source: ThrifDee DubaiPublished on 2020-11-16By thrifdeedubai
    3 weeks ago
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