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  • Becoming – Michelle Obama (Book Review)
    Becoming by Michelle Obama is the story of an iconic figure. The first Black First Lady of The United States she was a figure of hope for many and a testament to the fact that dreams do come true. While The post Becoming – Michelle Obama (Book Review) appeared ..... Read More
    Source: Simply HumairaPublished on 2019-05-02By Humaira
    2 weeks ago
  • Our Ramadan Basket 2019
    The run up to Ramadan for us has been one of connection with family and the stories of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). We were blessed to have my father and sister’s family join us for over a week on their Umrah trip, and were able to […] The post Our Ramadan ..... Read More
    Source: Mama Teaches MePublished on 2019-04-29By hafsah
    3 weeks ago
  • Fit For A Princess – Luxurious Eid Outfits
    Ramadan is fast approaching & it is one of the most important events of the calendar! A time for family, reflection & patience. While people are preparing for the holy festival by fasting & giving in charity, usually the Eid… The post Fit For A Princess – Luxurious Eid ..... Read More
    Source: ThrifDee DubaiPublished on 2019-04-29By ThrifDeeDubai
    3 weeks ago
  • Instagram Posts
    Welcome! If you are here from Instagram, please do check out the links from my page: Ramadan Random Acts of Kindness  Rahma’s and Idil’s Ramadan Guide Anxiety Blog Posts The post Instagram Posts appeared first on Sumaira Z. ..... Read More
    Source: Sumaira ZPublished on 2019-04-28By Sumaira Zaheer
    3 weeks ago
  • Ramadan Acts of Kindess
    Kindness and community involvement are two things we should practice year-round, but with Ramadan just around the corner, let’s make more of an effort to up our game in these areas! Today, I’m sharing 10 ways you and your family can practice acts of kindness this Ramadan and ways you ..... Read More
    Source: Sumaira ZPublished on 2019-04-28By Sumaira Zaheer
    3 weeks ago
  • Life of Prophet Muhammad pbuh – part 4
    Written by: Shazia Chowdhury From the Hijrah until the Prophet Muhammad settled in Madinah Quraysh found out that there were some people from Yathrib (Madinah) who became Muslims, so they intensified their persecution of the believers in Makkah. Prophet Muhammad ﷺ asked these people to migrate to ..... Read More
    Source: Students of QuranPublished on 2019-04-28By Jamila Jones
    3 weeks ago
  • Being #ActiveAllies: 7 things Nisa-Nashim has taught me
    By Liz Arif-Fear, Co-Chair Nisa-Nashim Marylebone A few weeks ago, I had the absolute joy of attending the third annual Nisa-Nashim conference, which brought together around 250 Jewish and Muslim women from across the country. As the ..... Read More
    Source: Voice of SalamPublished on 2019-04-25By Elizabeth Arif-Fear
    3 weeks ago
  • Sickness
    I hate getting sick. I hate the ache at the base of my neck that never seems to go away. I hate spending so much time sleeping or functioning at less than my best simply because my head is pounding and my eyes hurt or I can’t breathe properly, or ..... Read More
    Source: The Imperfect MuslimahPublished on 2019-04-22By Neymat Raboobee
    4 weeks ago
  • Haute Dolci – Bolton
    Haute Dolci – A taste of sweet luxurious desserts in a deluxe, fine dining setting is born in the heart of Bolton, Lancashire. My thumbs have been twiddling with the awaiting of its opening in Bradshawgate and now the waiting game is over! I am SO EXCITED to share ..... Read More
    Source: Halal Food GastronomyPublished on 2019-04-21By halalfoodgastro
    4 weeks ago
  • Quick Announcement
    Time for a quick explanation: I’ve fallen off the face of the Earth, I know and the reason is pretty simple. I got sick. Very badly sick. I’ve begun to recover shukr and I’m not in any danger, so I think I can now say that you can all expect ..... Read More
    Source: The Imperfect MuslimahPublished on 2019-04-21By Neymat Raboobee
    4 weeks ago
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